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*Supports Intensity Scale—Adult Version,® (SIS—A®) 2nd Edition

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    James R. Thompson, Robert L. Schalock, Karrie A, Shogren, Marc J. Tassé, Michael L. Wehmeyer, Ellis M. Craig, Carolyn Hughes

The Supports Intensity Scale- Adult Version, 2nd Edition (SIS-A, 2nd Ed.) contains new norms, updated research, and contemporary implementation strategies. The SIS-A is a standardized measure of the relative intensity of support needs for life activities required by adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD).

The User’s Manual is designed to enable interviewers to administer and score the SIS-A with fidelity and to assist program providers and policy makers to interpret and use findings from the SIS-A in ways that will enhance planning processes and outcomes for adults with IDD.

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