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Criteria for Intellectual Disability in Translation

Intellectual Disability


The AAIDD International Interest Network lead the translation of the three-pronged definitional/diagnostic criteria for intellectual disability.  

In 2019, translations of 11th edition of the AAIDD Manual (2010) were creased; nearly all translations on this page reflect the 12th edition of the manual, published in 2021. 

AAIDD gratefully acknowledges those who translated and those who reviewed the translations for fidelity to its manuals.


*Note :The upper limit of the definition of the developmental period in the 11th edition was age 18; in response to new research findings on brain development, the upper limit of the developmental period in the 12th edition was raised to age 22.

Additional Resources

Tell me About ID: Making the Definition of Intellectual Disability Accessible Around the World. (2019). AAIDD International Interest Network.

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