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Reports and Briefs



AAIDD Reports, Briefs, and Whitepapers 


Research Briefs

Using the Principles of Plain Language to Improve Knowledge Transfer and Facilitate Informed Decision Making (2022)
Margaret A. Nygren
This article describes plain language, its purpose, and strategies for its effective use. Reprinted with permission from HELEN: The Journal of Human Exceptionality.

State of the Science on COVID-19 and People with IDD (2020, December)
This research brief discusses the current research on COVID-19 and people with IDD.

Estat de la ciència sobre la COVID-19 i les persones amb DID (Catalan translation)
Translated by Josep Font of GIEE. Grup d’investigació en Educació Especial (GIEE) [Special Education Research Group] is a non-profit organization serving Catalonia and Andorra dedicated to the education of children with disabilities. 


Comparing SIS-A Assessments Administered Using Face-to-Face and Virtual Interviewing Formats (2020, October)
James R. Thompson, Sarah R. Carlson, and Leslie Shaw
This research brief discusses the results of an investigation that compared the reliability of SIS-A assessments administered in face-to-face and virtual interview formats.

White Papers

Changes in the Field Regarding Personal Support Plans (2018, March)
Robert L. Schalock, James R. Thompson, and Marc J. Tassé

This white paper discusses six recent changes in the field of intellectual and developmental disabilities that establish the parameters of a systematic approach to personal support plans.

White Papers and Research Briefs

Supports Intensity Scale (SIS) Adult & Children's Versions


AAIDD Annual Report
An annual report is produced each fiscal year.  The annual report is released following the conclusion of the Association's annual independent audit.

Issue Briefs

Self-Determination and Self-Advocacy by People with IDD (2015, December)
Karrie A. Shogren, Barbara Coppens, and Tia Nelis

This issue brief discusses practices and interventions to support optimal skill development and self-determination outcomes.

National Goals

Issue briefs from the National Goals in Research, Practice and Policy initiative

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