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Step by Step Instructions to Sign up for Journal Email Alerts

1. Click through to view the desired journal's home page. You do not need to be logged in through the AAIDD site.

2. Click the white "view this issue" button immediately below the volume number in the top blue banner.

3. Click on "get email alerts" to the right of the table of contents.

4. Register for a free AllenPress/Meridian account and sign in or sign in with your existing AllenPress/Meridian account.

5. Return to the journal's table of contents and click on "latest issue alert". A button will appear. Click the button to add the alert  for this journal to your profile.


We recommend in the strongest possible way that you take advantage of being signed in and repeat the steps with EACH of the journals to receive their alerts. 

                IDD Journal           

Members must login to the AAIDD website to access journals online.

Members who are not logged in via the AAIDD website will only access abstracts.

Members' AAIDD login/password combination will not work on the Meridian pages. Members must login via the AAIDD website to gain online access as a member benefit.

Steps to access journals online

  1. Login to the website using the button at the top of the page to get the login page.  Your email is your username.
  2. Once logged in, scroll to the journal you want to see on the journals page, and click its "view" button. **Note that Basic membership does not include full text access to AJIDD.**
  3. A second (referring) version of the page will appear. Click the desired "view" button again.
  4. You'll be directed to the home page of the current issue of the journal. To confirm your access:
  • For AAIDD journals, see "AAIDD Group Referring url” in the upper right corner of the page .
  • For the JDR, see "Access provided by Religion and Spirituality Division of American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (AAIDD)" across the top of the page .

Members who are not logged in via the AAIDD website will only access abstracts.


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