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Reliability: Foundation of the AAIDD SIS-A™ Training Program

Reliability is a word you will see used often in AAIDD SIS training programs. Simply stated, reliability means consistency—that is, results obtained by the persons trained to administer the instrument would be consistent with the results obtained by the developers of the Scale, respecting its original intent in measuring the support needs of an individual. Read more>

Goals of the AAIDD SIS-A training program

Our aim is simple: Train professionals to be excellent SIS interviewers. This means, training a professional to understand the unique, supports-oriented intent of the Scale, develop essential skills in interacting with individuals, and clearly understand each item measured by SIS. We anticipate that by doing this, SIS assessment results will be reliable and accurate, and that service decisions made for people with intellectual disabilities will be fair and equitable.

AAIDD SIS-A training offerings

  • Stakeholder session/Respondent orientation
  • Train-the-Interviewer program
  • Train-the-Trainer program
  • Quality assurance training
  • Technical training consultation
  • Online webinar support
  • AAIDD SIS Assessment services

How do you determine a training program that's right for you? Click here for some pointers.

To understand the prerequisites and AAIDD recommendations for each training program, our Levels of SIS Recognition document can be of assistance.

Articles on training from the SIS Vantagenewsletter

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SIS respondents and the utility of the Supports Intensity Scale according to families and respondents.