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Articles Accepted for Publication

Articles accepted for publication in one of AAIDD's three journals (AJIDD, IDD, Inclusion) are made available to the public in their originally accepted versions prior to copyediting. Once a copyedited article is published in a journal, the accepted version is removed from the website.


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Agran, M., Spooner, F., McKissick, B., McCarthy, S., & Voggt, A.

A “Snapshot” of Current Practices: How Are Students With Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Displaying Self-DeterminationInclusion, Advance online publication, 

Åker, T., Moen, K., Josefsson, K., & Frawley, P.

Empowering Healthcare Professionals: Exploring Experiences Leading a Violence Prevention Course for Adults With Intellectual DisabilitiesIDD, Advance online publication, 

Alsaeed, A., Shogren, K., Scott, L., Taylor, J., Raley, S., Henley, R., Zagona, A., McDonald, A., & Hagiwara, M.

Student Perspectives on Using the Self-Determined Learning Model of Instruction to Enhance OutcomesInclusion, Advance online publication, 

Anderson, L., Kardell, Y., Hall, S., Magana, S., Reynolds, M., Cordova, J.

A Research Agenda to Support Families of People With IDD With Intersectional IdentitiesIDD, Advance online publication, 

Andrews, S. and Panjwani, A., Potter, S., Hamrick, L., Wheeler, A., & Kelleher, B.

Specificity of Early Childhood Hyperphagia Profiles in Neurogenetic ConditionsAJIDD, Advance online publication,

Barnhart, W., Whalen Smith, C., Ellsworth, D., Coleman, E., Lorenz, A., Riddle, I., & Havercamp, S.

Implementing Living Independent From Tobacco with dyads of people with disabilities and their caregivers: Successes and lessons learnedIDD, Advance online publication, 

Best, M., Burke, M., & Arnold, C. 

Examining Support Networks Among Individuals With Intellectual and Developmental DisabilitiesIDD, Advance online publication,

Boehm, T., & Carter, E.

Facets of faith: Spirituality, religiosity, and parents of individuals with intellectual disabilityIDD, Advance online publication, 

Bogenschutz, M., Johnson, K., Hall, S., Lineberry, S., Rand, J., Rossetti, Z., Shikarpurya, S., & Ticha, R.

An Equity-Based Research Agenda to Promote Social Inclusion and Belonging for People With IDDIDD, Advance online publication, 

Britton Laws, C., Hewitt, A., Boamah, D., Hiersteiner, D., Kramme, J., & Reagan, J. 

Direct Support Professionals: Diversity, Disparities, and Deepening CrisisIDD, Advance online publication,

Buck, A., Chapman, R., Krahn, G., Brown, C., Gertz, B., & Havercamp, S. 

Research About Us, With Us: An Inclusive Research Case StudyIDD, Advance online publication,

Burke, M., Best, M., Cheung, W., Dawalt, L., & Taylor, J. 

Exploring the Involvement of Autistic Youth in Decision-Making About ServicesIDD, Advance online publication,

Butterworth, J., Winsor, J., Kamau, E., Migliore, A., & Mahoehney, D. 

The State of Employment for People With IDD: Implications for Practice, Policy and EquityIDD, Advance online publication,

Carlson, S., Munandar, V., & Thompson, J.

Outcomes for Adults With Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Receiving Long-Term Services and SupportsIDD, Advance online publication,

Carter, E., Lanchak, E., & Morgan, G.

Vocational Calling, Meaningful Work, and Job Satisfaction Among Disability Services ProvidersInclusion, Advance online publication,

Carter, E., McCabe, L., Hall, C., Lee, E., & Bethune-Dix, L.

Faculty Perspectives on the Appeal and Impact of Including College Students with Intellectual Disability. Inclusion, Advance online publication,

Cherry, E., Stancliffe, R., Emerson, E., & Ticha, R.

Policy implications, eligibility and demographic characteristics of people with intellectual disability who access self-directed funding in the United StatesIDD, Advance online publication,     

Esteban, L., Arias, V., Navas, P., & Verdugo, M.

Decision-Making Opportunities a Key Aspect in Processes Aimed at Fostering Independent LivingIDD, Advance online publication,     

Dean, E., Hagiwara, M., Brunson, L., Linnenkamp, B., Swindler, S., & Shogren, K.

Self-Advocate and Family Member Experiences With Supported Decision MakingIDD, Advance online publication,     

Dhopeshwarkar, R., Jimenez, F., Ryan, S., Plourde, E., & Karimi, M.

Improving Data Infrastructure for Person-Centered Outcomes Research on IDDAJIDD, Advance online publication, 

Dimitropoulos, A., Doernberg, E., Gordon, R., Vargo, K., Nichols, E., & Russ, S.

Efficacy of a Remote Play-Based Intervention for Children With Prader-Willi SyndromeAJIDD, Advance online publication,

Droogmans, G., Nijs, S., & Maes, B.

Capturing Staff Perspectives on Quality Interaction With Clients With Intellectual Disabilities: A Diary Studys. IDD, Advance online publication,   

Farmer, C., Kaat, A., Edwards, M., Lecavalier, L.

Measurement Invariance in IDD ResearchAJIDD, Advance online publication,

Fields, A., Lewis, O., Saunders, M., Smith-Hill, R., & Stinnett, C.

College Students With Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities' Experiences, Conception, and Development of Emotional WellnessIDD, Advance online publication,

Fisher, M.H., Griffin, M.M., Lane, L.A., & Morin, L.

In their own words: Perceptions and experiences of bullying among individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilitiesIDD, Advance online publication,

Fremion, E., Asif, L., Staggers, K., Kemere, K.J., & Davis, A.

Race and Ethnicity Disparities in COVID-19 Worry for Caregivers of Adults with Intellectual:Developmental DisabilitiesIDD, Advance online publication,

Friedman, C.

Organizational Supports to Promote the Community Integration of People with Dual DiagnosisIDD, Advance online publication,

Friedman, C. & Gilden, C.

Treating Employees with Dignity and Respect: The Impact on the Quality of Life on People with Intellectual and Developmental DisabilitiesInclusion, Advance online publication,

Gong, Y. & Xu, S.

Implementation and Challenge of Supported Employment for Persons With Disabilities in ChinaIDD, Advance online publication,

Grosso, E., Caoili, A., & Nye-Lengerman, K.

Exploring the Impact of Training on the Mental Health Aspects of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities for Direct Support ProfessionalsInclusion, Advance online publication,

Grumstrup, B., & Demchak, M.

Food-Related Interventions in Schools for Students with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities: A Systematic Review and AnalysisIDD, Advance online publication,

Gur, A., Meir, Y., Edelstein, M., Nagar, M., Rokach, O., Reich, A., & Hindi, T..

Family Resilience in Families of Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders: Ecological Systems Theory PerspectiveIDD, Advance online publication,

Hall, S., Anderson, L, & Pettingell, S.

The Self-Perpetuating Turnover Cycle: Frontline Supervisors and Direct Support Professionals Reflect on Its Causes and ImpactsInclusion, Advance online publication,

Hamre, K., Nord, D., & Andresen, J.

Workforce Engagement of Caregivers of Children With ID:ASD Child Health Insurance EffectsAJIDD, Advance online publication,

Hennessey, M., Williams-Diehm, K., Sinclair, T., Sanford, C., & Cameto, R.

Structural Validity Evidence for the TAGG-Alternate Professional Version for Individuals With Extensive Support Needs in EmploymentInclusion, Advance online publication,

Houseworth, J., Pettingell, S.L., Kramme, J.E.D., Ticha, R., & Hewitt, A.S. 

Predictors of annual and early turnover among direct support professionals: national core indicators staff stability surveyIDD, Advance online publication,

John, A., Presnell, J., Cavazos, S., & Lewright, C.

Exploring Media Portrayals of Individuals With Intellectual and Developmental DisabilitiesIDD, Advance online publication,

Johnson, D., Wu, Y., Thurlow, M., & LaVelle, J.

Future Goal Aspirations of Students with Extensive Support Needs: Findings from NLTS 2012IDD, Advance online publication,

Kaufmann, W., Oberman, L., Leonard, H., Downs, J., Cianfaglione, R., Stahlhut, M., Larsen, J., Madden, K.

Rett Syndrome Behaviour Questionnaire Psychometric characterization and revised factor structureAJIDD, Advance online publication, 

Keesler, J.M.

Exploring the Use of Practices that Align with Trauma-Informed Care in IDD OrganizationsIDD, Advance online publication, 

Keesler, J.M., & Troxel, J.

They care for others, but what about themselves? Understanding selfcare among DSPs' and its relationship to professional quality of lifeIDD, Advance online publication,    

Lanchak, E., Carter, E., & McMilan, E.

"You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know" - Parent Perspectives on Navigating Disability-Related Information and ResourcesIDD, Advance online publication, 

Larson, S., Caldwell, J., Robison, G., & Oteman, Q.

Housing and Long-term Supports and Services for People With ID and DD from Diverse CommunitiesIDD, Advance online publication, 

Layden, S., Nowland, L., & Haegele, J.

Physical Educators’ Training and Confidence in Implementing Evidence-Based Practices for Students with ASDIDD, Advance online publication, 

Li, C. & Burke, M.

Correlates of School-Home Communication from Caregivers of Children with AutismIDD, Advance online publication,

Li, C., Burke, M., Talor, J., DaWalt, L., & Rossetti, Z.

Establishing an Advocacy Activities Scale for Parents of Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental DisabilitiesIDD, Advance online publication,

Lindel, M.

Quality-of-Life Characteristics of Individuals With Intellectual Disabilities Entering a Residential College ProgramInclusion, Advance online publication, 

Luckasson, R., Schalock, R., & Bradley, V.

Diffusion of the Shared Citizenship Paradigm: Strategies and Next StepsAJIDD, Advance online publication, 

Lyons, O., Sulewski, J., & Kwan, N.

Content Validity Testing of the Community Life Engagement Guideposts Fidelity ScaleInclusion, Advance online publication, 

Mahmoud, Z., Abdeldayem, T., Elmwafie, S., & Ramadan, A.

Nurses Training Program for Early Detection of Children With Developmental Disabilities in Assiut GovernorateIDD, Advance online publication,

Maniezki, A., Martínez-Tur, V, Estreder, Y., & Moliner, C.

Effects of a Justice-Based Partnership between Employees and Families in Creating Services and Supports to Enhance Quality of Life OutcomesIDD, Advance online publication,

Matusevich, H., Shogren, K., Raley, S., Lane, K., & Frey, B.

Teachers Reported Knowledge, Skills, and Usefulness of Professional Development on the Self-Determined Learning Model of Instruction  Inclusion, Advance online publication,

McLean, K. & Bishop, L.

Chronic Health Conditions Among Adults with IDD in a State Medicaid SystemAJIDD, Advance online publication,

Menezes, M., Pappagianopoulos, J., & Mazurek, M.

Work Participation of Autistic AdolescentsIDD, Advance online publication,

McLendon, K., Roach, A., Roach, A., Meyers, J., Perkins, C., & Thomas, E.

Academic Enabling Behavior Strengths of Students With ID in IPSE ProgramsInclusion, Advance online publication,

Murthy, S., Harris, S., Hsieh, K.

Informal Support Needs of Family Caregivers of Adults with Intellectual and/or Developmental Disabilities in IndiaIDD, Advance online publication,

Murthy, S. & Hsieh, K.

Examining Association between Reported High Cholesterol and Risk Factors in AdultsIDD, Advance online publication,

Neil, N., Ibrahim, I, Withers, A., & Dimos, T.

Perceptions of Inclusion in an Informal Education SettingInclusion, Advance online publication,

Pearson, J., Outlaw, J., Stweart-Ginsburg, J., & Mason-Martin, D.

“I Know How to Get Around Your ‘No’:” A Follow-Up of the FACES Psychoeducational InterventionIDD, Advance online publication, 

Pulido, S., Matthews, A., Owen-DeSchryver, J., Harr-Smith, L., & Carter, E. 

Peer-Mediated Programs Amidst a Pandemic: Perspectives on Implementation, Impact, and Future ConsiderationsInclusion, Advance online publication,

Samuel, P., Marsack-Topolewski, C., Janks, E., Raoufi, G., & Milberger, S.

Family Support of Older Caregivers: Factors Influencing Change in Quality of LifeAJIDD, Advance online publication,

Sanderson, K., Burke, M., & Hodapp, R.

Understanding Natural Supports in Diverse Adults with Intellectual and Developmental DisabilitiesAJIDD, Advance online publication,

Sauna-aho, M., Tuomiranta, L., Geneid, A., & Launonen, K.

Evaluation Methods of Dysphagia in Adults With Intellectual Disabilities: A Scoping ReviewIDD, Advance online publication, 

Savage, M. & Candelaria, A.

Healthy Nutrition for Adults With Intellectual Disability: Piloting a Mobile Health Application and Self-Management InterventionIDD, Advance online publication, 

Schwartzman, B., Schutz, M., Carter, E., & McMillan, E.

Virtual Community Conversations as Catalysts for Improving Transitions for Youth with Intellectual and Developmental DisabilitiesIDD, Advance online publication,

Shikarpurya, S., Gilson, C., Dunn, C., Fletcher, K. 

Exploring Transition Planning Among Racially Minoritized Parents of Children With Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities using DisCrit and QuantCritInclusion, Advance online publication,

Shogren, K.

Reflections on How What We Say, Do, and Acknowledge as Researchers MattersIDD, Advance online publication,

Shogren, K., Hagiwara, M., Gerasimova, D., Lachapelle, Y., Lussier-Desrochers, D., Petipierre, G., Fontana-Lana, B., Piazza, F., Courbois, Y., & Desbiens, A.

Preliminary Reliability and Validity of the Self-Determination Inventory Student Report French TranslationIDD, Advance online publication,

Shogren, K., Luckasson, R., & Schalock, B.

Shared Citizenship, Context, and the Next Generation of Self-Determination ResearchIDD, Advance online publication,

Shpigelman, C. & Araten-Bergman, T.

Adults With IDD in Supported Accommodation During COVID-19 Lockdown: The Families’ Perspectives. AJIDD, Advance online publication,

Smith, S., McCann, H., Urbano, R., Dykens, E., & Hodapp, R.

Training Medical Personnel to Work With Persons With Intellectual and Developmental DisabilitiesIDD, Advance online publication,

Song, W., Salzer, M., Steinberg, H., & Shea, L.

Gender Differences in Self-Reported Social Participation in Autistic AdultsAJIDD, Advance online publication,

Srinivasan, S., Sattar, N., Athreya, A., Glenney, S., & Bubela, D.

Stakeholder Perspectives on Physical Activity in Youth with Developmental Disabilities A Mixed Methods StudyIDD, Advance online publication,

Stancliffe, R. & Frantz, B.

Criminal Justice and People With Intellectual and Developmental DisabilitiesIDD, Advance online publication,

Ticha, R., Kramme, J., Smith, J., Farrington, M., Lopp, M., Abery, B., Cakir-Dilek, B., & Nyce, A.

Interventions Used With Direct Support Workforce of Adults With Disabilities in Home and Community-Based Settings: A Scoping ReviewInclusion, Advance online publication,

Wright, D., Kenny, A., Mizen, L., McKechanie, A., & Stanfield, A.

The Behavioral Profile of SYNGAP1-Related Intellectual DisabilityAJIDD, Advance online publication,

Wang, P., Liao, H., Chen, L., Kang, L., Lu, L., & Barrett, K.

Child and Family Predictors for Mastery Motivation in Children with Developmental DelaysIDD, Advance online publication,

Wright, D., Kenny, A., Mizen, L., McKechanie, A., & Stanfield, A.

The Behavioral Profile of SYNGAP1-Related Intellectual DisabilityAJIDD, Advance online publication,

Yanchik, A., Viteze, P., & Lax, L.

Effects of DTT and NET on Adaptive Behavior in Toddlers with ASDAJIDD, Advance online publication,

Yu, A., Zeng, W., Lopez, K., & Magaña, S..

Reducing Depressive Symptoms Among Latina Mothers of Autistic Children: An RCTAJIDD, Advance online publication,

Zhang, Y., Chen, J., & Li, X.

Being a "Lay Expert": A Choice for Chinese Parents of Young Children With AutismIDD, Advance online publication,

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