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Articles Accepted for Publication

Articles accepted for publication in one of AAIDD's three journals (AJIDD, IDD, Inclusion) are made available to the public in their originally accepted versions prior to copyediting. Once a copyedited article is published in a journal, the accepted version is removed from the website.


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Accardo, A., Ferguson, S., Alharbi, H., Kalliny, M., Woodfield, C., & Vernonn-Dotson, L.

Unified Sports, Social Inclusion and Athlete Reported Experiences: A Systematic Mixed Studies ReviewInclusion, Advance online publication,

Acosta, E., Dongarwar, D., Everett, T., & Salihu, H.

Understanding Characteristics and Predictors of Admission from the Emergency Department for Patients with Intellectual DisabilityIDD, Advance online publication, 

Athamanah, L., White, K., Sung, C., Fisher, M., & Leader, G.

Employers’ Perspectives on Individuals With IDD in Community Integrated Employment Settings – A Scoping ReviewInclusion, Advance online publication,

Barnhart, W., Whalen Smith, C., Ellsworth, D., Coleman, E., Lorenz, A., Riddle, I., & Havercamp, S.,

Implementing Living Independent From Tobacco with dyads of people with disabilities and their caregivers: Successes and lessons learnedIDD, Advance online publication,

Berens, J., Tsami, L., Lerman, D., Matteucci, M., Fray, D., Warner, B., Keehan, L., Staggers, K., & Peacock, C.

Preliminary Results of an Interdisciplinary Behavioral Program to Improve Access to Preventative Dental Care for Adults With IDDIDD, Advance online publication, 

Biggs, E., Douglas, S., Therrien, M., & Snodgrass, M.

Views of Speech-Language Pathologists on Telepractice for Children who use Augmentative and Alternative CommunicationIDD, Advance online publication, 

Birri, N., Carnahan, C., Schmidt, C., & Williamson, P.

A Personal Narrative Intervention for Adults With Autism and Intellectual Disability. AJIDD, Advance online publication, 

Boehm, T., & Carter, E.

Facets of faith: Spirituality, religiosity, and parents of individuals with intellectual disabilityIDD, Advance online publication, 

Boland, G., de Paor, E., & Guerin, S.

Living in Localities: The Factors that Influence the Social Inclusion in Neighborhoods of Adults with Intellectual Disability. A Systematic Scoping Review.Inclusion, Advance online publication,

Brown, S., Pearl, A., Brunsiloovskiy, E., Murray, M., Townley, G., Edwards, E., & Salzer, M.

Examining Differences in Community Participation in Adults with Autism Spectrum DisorderInclusion, Advance online publication,

Burke, M., Cheung, W.C., Li, C., DaWalt, L., Segal, J., & Taylor, J.L. 

Parental Perceptions of Service Access for Transition-Aged Youth With Autism During Covid-19IDD, Advance online publication,

Burke, M., Goldman, S., & Li, C. 

A Tale of Two Adaptations of a Special Education Advocacy ProgramIDD, Advance online publication,

Campbell, E., Rao, S., Ressalam, J., Bolcic-Jankovic, D., Lawrence, R., Moore, J., & Iezzoni, L.

Caring for Adults With Significant Intellectual Disability Results of National Physician SurveyAJIDD, Advance online publication,

Carlson, S., Thompson, J., & Shaw, L.

The Impact of Administration Formats on SIS-A ScoresAJIDD, Advance online publication,

Carter, E., Lanchak, E., Berry, L., McMillan, E., Taylor, J., Fleming, L., & Dao, A.

Family Perspectives on Pursuing Employment for Adults With Intellectual and Developmental DisabilitiesAJIDD, Advance online publication,

Carter, E., Lanchak, E., Berry, L., McMillan, E., Taylor, J., & Rowley, H.

Parent Perspectives on Meaningful Work for Individuals With Intellectual and Developmental DisabilitiesIDD, Advance online publication,

Carter, E., Lanchak, E., & McMillan, E.

“Too Many Brick Walls” Perspectives on Accessing Disability Information and Resources Among Service ProvidersInclusion, Advance online publication,

Carter, E., McCabe, L., Hall, C., Lee, E., & Bethune-Dix, L.

Faculty Perspectives on the Appeal and Impact of Including College Students with Intellectual Disability. Inclusion, Advance online publication,

Cherry, E., Stancliffe, R., Emerson, E., & Ticha, R.

Policy implications, eligibility and demographic characteristics of people with intellectual disability who access self-directed funding in the United StatesIDD, Advance online publication,     

Channell, M.M., Sandstron, L., & Harvey, D.

Mental State Language Development in Children With Down Syndrome Versus Typical DevelopmentAJIDD, Advance online publication,

Condy, E., Becker, L., Farmer, C., Kaat, A., Chlebowski, C., Kozel, B., & Thurm, A.

NIH Toolbox Cognition Battery Feasibility in Individuals With Williams SyndromeAJIDD, Advance online publication,

Cure, G. & Yucesoy-Ozkan, S.

Comparison of Two Interventions in Improving Comprehension of Students with Intellectual DisabilitiesAJIDD, Advance online publication,

Daigneault, I., Paquette, G., de la Sablonniere-Griffin, M., & Dion, J.

Childhood Sexual Abuse, Intellectual Disability and Health Disorders: A Matched Cohort StudyAJIDD, Advance online publication,

Daugherty, J., Griffith, A., & Borja, L.

Building Community and Life Skills in the Kitchen: A Partnership with Special Olympics Missouri & Undergraduate StudentsInclusion, Advance online publication,

Dekker, M., Hendriks, L., Frielink, N., & Embregts, P.

Public Stigmatization of People With Intellectual Disabilities During the COVID-19 PandemicAJIDD, Advance online publication,

Dembo, R., Mailick, M., Rudolph, A., Huntington, N., DaWalt, L., & Mitra, M.

Social Network Diversity and Mental Health Among Mothers of Individuals With AutismAJIDD, Advance online publication,

Eisenman, L.

College Students' With Intellectual Disability Perspectives on Peer Mentoring RelationshipsInclusion, Advance online publication

Estreder, Y., Maniezki, A., Martinez-Tur, V., & Moliner, C.

Effects of a Justice-Based Partnership between Employees and Families in Creating Services and Supports to Enhance Quality of Life Outcomes. IDD, Advance online publication,

Fisher, M.H., Griffin, M.M., Lane, L.A., & Morin, L.

In their own words: Perceptions and experiences of bullying among individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilitiesIDD, Advance online publication,

Friedman, C.

Organizational Supports to Promote the Community Integration of People with Dual DiagnosisIDD, Advance online publication,

Golub-Victor, A., Peterson, B., Calderon, J., Lopes, A., & Fitzpatrick, D. 

Student Confidence in Providing Healthcare to Adults With Intellectual Disabilities: Implications for Health Profession CurriculaIDD, Advance online publication,

Hall, S., Anderson, L., Pettingell, S., Zhang, A., Bershadsky, J., Hewitt, A., & Smith, J.

Direct Support Professional and Frontline Supervisor Perspectives on Work-Life in a PandemicInclusion, Advance online publication,

Ham, W., Schall, C., & Avellone, L.

A Scoping Review of the Competencies and Training of Employment Specialists Supporting Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental DisabilitiesInclusion, Advance online publication,

Harkins, C., Sadikova, E., Menezes, M., & Mazurek, M.

Friendship and Anxiety/Depression Symptoms in Boys with and without Autism Spectrum Disorder. AJIDD, Advance online publication,

Houseworth, J., Pettingell, S.L., Kramme, J.E.D., Ticha, R., & Hewitt, A.S. 

Predictors of annual and early turnover among direct support professionals: national core indicators staff stability surveyIDD, Advance online publication,

Huber, H., & Carter, E.

Impact and Individualization of Peer Support Arrangements for High School Students with Autism Using Structural AnalysisInclusion, Advance online publication,

Jimenez, B., & Barron, T.

Specially Designed Instruction of Early Numeracy in the Inclusive Elementary Classroom for Students with Extensive Support NeedsInclusion, Advance online publication,

Keesler, J.M.

Exploring the Use of Practices that Align with Trauma-Informed Care in IDD OrganizationsIDD, Advance online publication, 

Keesler, J.M., & Troxel, J.

They care for others, but what about themselves? Understanding selfcare among DSPs' and its relationship to professional quality of lifeIDD, Advance online publication,    

Kim, J., Hughes, O., Demissie, S., Kunzier, T., Cheung, W.C., Monarrez, E., Burke, M., & Rossetti, Z. 

Lessons Learned from Research Collaboration Among People With and Without Developmental DisabilitiesIDD, Advance online publication,

Kuntz, E., & Carter, E.

General Educators’ Involvement in Interventions for Students with Intellectual DisabilityInclusion, Advance online publication,

Layden, S., Gansle, K., Scott, L., Dayton, M., & Noell, G.

Career Intent Factors of Special Education Teachers Serving Students with ID, DD, and ASDInclusion, Advance online publication,

Maltman, N., DaWalt, L.S., Hong, J., Baker, M.W., Berry-Kravis, E., Brilliant, M., & Mailick, M.

FMR1 CGG Repeats and Stress Influence Self-Reported Cognitive Functioning in MothersAJIDD, Advance online publication,

Maniezki, A., Martínez-Tur, V, Estreder, Y., & Moliner, C.

Effects of a Justice-Based Partnership between Employees and Families in Creating Services and Supports to Enhance Quality of Life OutcomesIDD, Advance online publication,

McCausland, D., McMallion, P., Carroll, R., & McCarron, M.

Barriers to Community Participation for Adults Ageing With an Intellectual Disability in Ireland: A Longitudinal StudyIDD, Advance online publication,

McMaughan, D., Jones, J., Mulcahy, A., Tucker, E., Beverly, J., & Perez-Patron, M.

Hospitalizations Among Children and Youth With Autism in the United States: Frequency, Characteristics, and CostsIDD, Advance online publication,

Meral, B., Wehmeyer, M., Palmer, S., Ruh, A., & Yilmaz, E.

Parenting Styles in Enhancing Self-Determination of Children With Intellectual and Developmental DisabilitiesAJIDD, Advance online publication,

Muller, C., Brodar, C., Brodar, K., Goodman, K., & Brosco, J.

Medical Student Choices Regarding Ventilator Allocation for People With DisabilitiesIDD, Advance online publication,

Murthy, S. & Hsieh, K.

Examining Association between Reported High Cholesterol and Risk Factors in AdultsIDD, Advance online publication,

Pearson, J. and Meeadan, H.

FACES: An Advocacy Intervention for African American Parents of Children with AutismIDD, Advance online publication, 

Prahl, A. & Gilson, C. 

Functional Literacy Intervention for Postsecondary Students With Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities: A Pilot Study IDD, Advance online publication,

Presnell, J., Keesler, J., & Thomas-Giyer, J.

Assessing Alignment Between Intellectual and Developmental Disability Service Providers and Trauma-Informed Care: An Exploratory StudyIDD, Advance online publication,

Rios, K., Aleman-Tovar, J., & Burke, M.

Exploring Patterns of Advocacy and Well-Being of Parents of Children With Intellectual and Developmental DisabilitiesIDD, Advance online publication,

Rooney-Kron, M. & Dymond, S.

Work-Based Learning Experiences and Students With Intellectual DisabilityInclusion, Advance online publication,

Rotz, L., Courbois, Y., Desportes, V., Lacroix, A., Reymond, M., Tasse, M., Touil, N., Tsao, R., & Straccia, C.

The French Version of the DABS: Adaptation Process and Preliminary Field TestAJIDD, Advance online publication,

Rubenstein, E., Kyprianou, N., Kumar, P., Kirova, A., Sokoloff, A., Hillerstron, H, & Hendrix, J.

Healthcare and Behavior Changes for Adults With Down Syndrome 1-Year into COVID-19AJIDD, Advance online publication,

Samtani, G., Bassford, T., Williamson, H., & Armin, J.

A Review of Cancer Survivorship in People with IDDIDD, Advance online publication, 

Schalock, R., Luckasson, R., Tasse, M., & Shogren, K.

The IDD Paradigm of Shared Citizenship: Its Operationalization, Application, Evaluation, and Shaping for the FutureIDD, Advance online publication, 

Sheppard, M.E., Vitalone-Raccaro, N., & Kaari, J.

Planting the Seeds of Collaboration: A Pilot for School - Clinic Partnerships During Pediatric ClerkshipIDD, Advance online publication, 

Shively, K. & Tasse, M.

Using a Delphi Process to Update the Nisonger Child Behavior Rating FormAJIDD, Advance online publication,

Smith, S., McCann, H., Urbano, R., Dykens, E., & Hodapp, R.

Training Medical Personnel to Work With Persons With Intellectual and Developmental DisabilitiesIDD, Advance online publication,

Soltani, A., Schworer, E., & Esbensen, A.

Mediatory Role of Executive Functioning in Children and Youth With Down SyndromeAJIDD, Advance online publication,

Song, W., Dembo, R., DaWalt, L., Ryff, C., & Mailick, M.

Improving Retention of Diverse Samples in Longitudinal Research on Developmental DisabilitiesAJIDD, Advance online publication,

Song, W., Saler, M., Pfeiffer, B., & Shea, L.

Transportation and Community Participation among Autistic AdultsInclusion, Advance online publication,

Spruit, S. & Carter, E.

Friendships Through Inclusive Postsecondary Education Programs- Perspectives of Current and Former Students with IDDIDD, Advance online publication,

Stinnett, C.V., Plotner, A., & Marshall, K.

The Continuum of Support for Building Intimacy Knowledge in College for Students with
Intellectual Disability
IDD, Advance online publication,

Travers, H., Carter, E., Picard, E., & Hauptman, L.

It “Goes Both Ways”: The Impact of Peer-Mediated Interventions on PeersAJIDD, Advance online publication,

Waite, J., Beck, S., Powis, L. & Oliver, C.

The Executive Function Account of Repetitive Behavior: Evidence from Rubinstein-Taybi SyndromeAJIDD, Advance online publication,

Walker, C., Brady, N., & Fleming, K.

Narrative Analysis in Adolescents With Fragile X SyndromeAJIDD, Advance online publication,

Wilkinson, E., Britton, T., & Hall, S.

Examining Phenotypic Differences in Gaze Avoidance Between Autism and Fragile X SyndromeAJIDD, Advance online publication,

Xu, Y., Zeng, W., Wang, Y., & Magana, S. 

Barriers to Services for Immigrant Families of Children With IDD: A Scoping ReviewIDD, Advance online publication,

Yoshiko Shire, S., Worthman, L., & Arbuckle S.

Technology-Enabled Adaptation of Caregiver-Mediated JASPER Intervention: Preliminary Examination of Video Conferenced CoachingAJIDD, Advance online publication,

Zagona, A., Walker, V., Lansey, K., & Kurth, J.

Expert Perspectives on the Inclusion of Students With Significant Disabilities in SWPBISInclusion, Advance online publication,

Zamora, I., Solomon, O., Smith, K.N., Rao, S., Lu, F., Azen, C., Anaya, G., & Yin, L.

Racial and Ethnic Differences in Behavioral Problems and Medication Use Among Children with Autism Spectrum DisorderAJIDD, Advance online publication,

Zigler, C., Lucas, N., McFatrich, M., Gordon, K., Jones, H., Berent, A., Panagoulias, J., Evans, P., & Reeve, B.

Exploring Communication Ability in Individuals With Angelman Syndrome: Qualitative Interviews With CaregiversAJIDD, Advance online publication,

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