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The AAIDD Constitution and Bylaws provide that:

  1. Fellows shall be individuals who have had at least seven (7) years of continuous, active membership in the Association at the time of their nomination.
  2. Three (3) letters of reference must be provided; references should be from persons who can speak to the applicant’s meritorious contribution to our field. All letters must be from members of AAIDD and one must be from a Fellow of the Association. (please see below for the current list of Fellows)
  3. Fellows shall have participated in the professional and business affairs of the Association, and shall have made a meritorious contribution to the field of intellectual disability in one or more of the following areas:
  • Contributions to program development or administration and the improvement of services for people with intellectual disability 
  • Contributions that benefit people with intellectual disability through skillful and diligent advocacy
  • Contributions to the field of intellectual disability through academic achievements, research, publications, and presentation of professional papers

Fellows in Good Standing are current or emeritus members.

2021-2022 Fellows in Good Standing


Procedures for Rating Nominees for Fellow Status

A number of principles guided the development of these procedures and rating form. These guidelines inform the Committee's recommendations for Fellow status; however, in exceptional cases, either the Awards and Fellowship Committee or the Board can over-ride the guidelines.

  • Preferment to Fellow status is an application or “self-nomination” process
  • The guidelines operationalize the by-laws on the topic of Fellows.
  • The application form and supplemental materials are designed to allow, insofar as possible, for an objective evaluation of the member's qualifications to become a Fellow.
    The evaluation form consists of parallel ratings of the contributions made to the professional and business affairs of the Association (left column) and to the field of intellectual disability (right column). The definitions for "contributions" to each domain are based directly on the wording in the by-laws, and appear as footnotes to the rating form.
  • Recognizing that the by-laws require that fellows shall have made contributions to both the Association and to the field of intellectual disability, the scoring system is structured so that that meritorious contributions to both are needed to reach a score of 80, which the minimum score for consideration by the Committee.

Fellows of the Association shall be in support of the mission and values of AAIDD. If a Fellow is found to have breached the AAIDD code of professional conduct, the designation of Fellow status may be revoked with a two-thirds vote of the Board of Directors.

Download Fellowship Application and submit it by October 27, 2021

For questions about the application process, contact: maria@aaidd.org