SIS-A, SIS for Adults SIS-A

Supports Intensity Scale®

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Supports Intensity Scale - Adult Version® (SIS-A®)



The SIS-A is designed to measure the relative intensity of support needs of people with intellectual disability, aged 16 and above. 

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What the SIS-A Does

The SIS-A evaluates practical support requirements of a person, aged 16 years and older, with an intellectual disability through a positive and thorough interview process. 

The SIS-A measures support requirements in 57 life activities and 28 behavioral and medical areas. The assessment is done through an interview with the consumer, and those who know the person well.

SIS-A measures support needs in the areas of home living, community living, lifelong learning, employment, health and safety, social activities, and protection and advocacy. The Scale ranks each activity according to frequency (none, at least once a month), amount (none, less than 30 minutes), and type of support (monitoring, verbal gesturing).

What are Support Needs?

Support needs are the pattern and intensity of supports necessary for a person to participate in activities linked with normative human functioning.