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Person-Centered Planning with the Supports Intensity Scale – Adult Version®: A Guide for Planning Teams (2017)

The Person-Centered Planning guide offers a structured way for planning teams to elaborate on the support needs measured in the SIS-A. Planning teams meet and follow 18 steps that guide the teams from general support ratings to a specific individualized support plan to an evaluation and adjustment of that plan.

The success of the Person-Centered Planning process is heavily dependent on the skills and efforts of a planning facilitator. The facilitator must explain the person-centered planning process, keep notes, supply SIS-A information during meetings, and keep the group discussion focused on planning.

Supports Intensity Scale-Adult Version® (SIS-A®): Annual Review Protocol (2018)

The SIS-A Annual Review Protocol (ARP) is a tool that planning teams can use to reach a conclusion about a person’s need for reassessment with the SIS-A when a prior assessment has been administered within the past 3 years.

What Makes the SIS-A different from the ARP?


  • Precise assessment
  • Comprehensive evaluation of support needs
  • Facilitated by SIS-A Interviewer
  • Uses rating selection for scoring


  • Review of support needed
  • Structured discussion of how support needs may have changed
  • ARP Reviewer facilitates process
  • Forced choice and narrative responses 

A Systemic Approach to Person Support Plans (2018)

This book is a concise practical guide for programs involved in developing, implementing, and evaluating personal support plans. The emphasis is on basing the development of these plans on good information. The results of assessments using the SIS-A and the SIS-C can be used to develop personal support plans with this approach.


The steps involved in developing personal support plans using the systematic approach are described in detail, including each of the components and implementation steps. The last section of the book presents four exhibits provided by organizations that have incorporated one or more of the components and implementation steps in their programs.

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