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Chapters, Regions, & Liaisons

Chapters and Regions



AAIDD Chapters and Regions promote the mission and interests of the Association, and may make unique contributions that align with the overall goals of the Association. In addition tto their leadership opportunities, AAIDD Chapters and Regions tend to focus on providing important professional education that respond to the needs of their geographic area.

Membership in a Chapter or Region

The number and location of Chapters and Regions has varied across the Association's history. Based on where they live in North America, members of AAIDD automatically become members of the relevant active Chapter or Region.

Resources:  Chapter Leadership Manual (PDF) and Assembly Leadership Manual (PDF)


Assembly of Geographic Regions

Assembly Chair:  Dalun "Dan" Zhang 
Assembly Co-Chair: Michael Bloom


Some Chapters and Regions have websites. Click on their links for more information, or contact the leadership of the Chapter or Region:

Chapter/Region Presidents/Chairs Notes
Connecticut Mary Etter Chapter Facebook
Kansas Evan Dean
Louisiana Elizabeth Watts
Chapter WebsiteFacebook
Michigan Jillian Trumbull
Mississippi Lori Brown
Missouri Laura Cravens
Chapter Website; Facebook
South Carolina Renee Staggs Chapter Website
Texas Charlotte Kimmel Chapter Website
Wisconsin Kristin Gremban Chapter Website

Region X Nicole Cadovius Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Brunswick, New Hampshire, New York, Newfoundland, Quebec, Nova Scotia, & Prince Edward Island, Rhode Island, Vermont


AAIDD welcomes volunteer leaders across the country and around the world to help increase the visibility of the Association and what it has to offer. Liaisons are members of AAIDD who work to raise the visibility of AAIDD’s resources, educational offerings, and membership in their state or region by disseminating organization news, identifying opportunities for the Association to contribute in your area,  promoting micro-volunteer opportunities, and more.

AAIDD members, become a liaison or volunteer to become one!


United States
Colorado: Christina Cruz
Connecticut: Mary Etter
Illinois: Amy Rosenstein
Kentucky: Shauen Howard
Louisiana: Keeley Puma
Maryland: David Ervin
Massachusetts: William Wasserman
Ohio: Keith Poynter
Oklahoma: Lorraine Sylvester
Pennsylvania: Miranda Williams
Tennessee: Bruce Keisling
Texas (Austin): Bill Gaventa
Texas (San Antonio): Antonio Martinez
Virginia: Andrew Wojcik
Washington: Ramu Iyler


Spain: Almudena Martorell Cafranga
Turkey: Atilla Cavkaytar