Supports Intensity Scale®

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Four primary components to consider when selecting SIS Interviewers:  

  1. Experience with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities (ID/DD) – SIS interviewers are required to assess individuals with a wide range of needs and supports. Strong interviewers are familiar with the unique needs of ID/DD individuals, as well as, those requiring behavior and/or medical supports.
  2. Align with the Philosophy behind the Supports Intensity Scale (SIS) - A belief in a strengths-based perspective of individuals with disabilities is very important.  An optimistic, collaborative approach to speaking with people about this is also a key factor.  An understanding of the supports paradigm is beneficial.
  3. Strong Group Facilitation Skills- It is important interviewers are very transparent about the process of selecting ratings to fit an individual.  It is important they can integrate information from a variety of perspectives, while also keeping the group "on board" with the final decision. 
  4. Leadership Skills- As the first group of interviewers in the state, it is important they see themselves as leaders of the SIS message. SIS interviewers play a role in conveying to a variety of stakeholders how SIS will be used in their state, and how it contributes to the individuals’ success in the community. When selecting individuals as interviewers, consider their comfort level in speaking to large and small groups as they may also be taking on tasks outside of the interview itself.