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White Papers and Research Briefs



SIS White Papers and Research Briefs

In addition to the resources below, numerous peer-reviewed research articles concerning the strong psychometric properties of both the the Supports Intensity Scale - Adult Version® (SIS-C®) and Supports Intensity Scale - Children's Version® (SIS-C®) are available in the professional literature.

Comparing SIS-A Assessments Administered Using Face-to-Face and Virtual Interviewing Formats

(2020, October). This research brief describes an investigation that compared the reliability of face-to-face and virtual interview SIS-A assessments.

From Face-to-Face to Virtual Instruction: Developing Competencies to Administer a Standardized Assessment During COVID-19

(2022, January). This peer-reviewed article outlines the steps used to rapidly adapt a training program for remote delivery and evidence for its efficacy.

How Organizations and Systems Use Supports Intensity Scales

(2018, March). This white paper describes and demonstrates how organizations and larger systems can use SIS information to enhance supports and determine if a person should be reevaluated with the SIS-A.

How Support Needs Can be Used to Inform the Allocation of Resources and Funding Decisions

(2018, March). This white paper focuses on how the assessment of support needs can be used to inform the allocation of public funds.

Changes in the Field Regarding Personal Support Plans

(2018, March). This white paper discusses six recent changes in the field of intellectual and developmental disabilities that establish the parameters of a systematic approach to personal support plans.

Evidence for the Reliability and Validity of the Supports Intensity Scales

(2018, May). This white paper summarizes research findings published in peer reviewed professional literature in regard to the SIS-A and SIS-C.

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