Each year, AAIDD honors a select number of individuals and groups who have made outstanding contributions to the field of intellectual and developmental disabilities. A call for nominations is made each fall, and awards are presented at the Association's annual meeting.

Awards Presented at the 136th Annual Meeting of AAIDD
in Charlotte, NC, June 2012


Dybwad Humanitarian Award: Clarence J. Sundram, JD  

Early Career Award: Katherine McDonald, PhD

Education Award: Carolyn Hughes, PhD

International Award: Climent Giné, PhD

Leadership Award: Robert J. Fletcher, DSW

Media Award: AMC Lifting Lives Moment

Research Award: Elisabeth Dykens, PhD

Special Award: Mary Sweig Wilson, PhD

Service Award: Sara Genevieve Sasnett, MS

Student Award: Rozemarijn Staal, PsyM

Student Award: Megan Griffin, MEd

Presidential Award: Joanna L. Pierson, PhD


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