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AAIDD Awardees

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Awards Presented at the 136th Annual Meeting of AAIDD in Charlotte, NC, June 2012


Dybwad Humanitarian Award: 
Clarence J. Sundram, JD    

Early Career Award: 
Katherine McDonald, PhD

Education Award: 
Carolyn Hughes, PhD 

International Award: 
Climent Giné, PhD  

Leadership Award: 
Robert J. Fletcher, DSW     

Media Award:  
AMC Lifting Lives Moment  

Research Award: 
Elisabeth Dykens, PhD    

Special Award: 
Mary Sweig Wilson, PhD  

Service Award: 
Sara Genevieve Sasnett, MS 

Student Award: 
Rozemarijin Staal, PsyM  

Student Award: 
Megan Griffin, MEd   

Presidential Award: 
Joanna L. Pierson, PhD

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