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Register for Upcoming AAIDD Webinars & Virtual Education

Please note: 

*Beginning in January 2021, AAIDD webinars will go "behind the member wall." AAIDD members will continue to register and have access to the webinar archive at no cost; however, non-members will be charged a small fee ($10) to register for the live webinars. 

*Webinars are recorded; the archive is generally available on the website the following day. Beginning February 2021, the webinar archive will exclusively be a member benefit. 

*Participation in virtual professional development sessions are limited to AAIDD members.

*Continuing education units (CEs) are not offered for AAIDD webinars. Confirmations of attendance are sent to attendees of live webinars via email. If receiving a confirmation of attendance is important to you we recommend you join by computer as Zoom doesn't always recognize attendees who join via phone. 

October 26, 2021

4:00 pm EST

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Webinar: Still Coping with COVID: the Mental Health Effects of the Pandemic on People with IDD

Webinar registration is complimentary for members and  $10 for non-members


The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect everyone’s lives, but the effects on people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) can be especially difficult for them. In this webinar, Karyn Harvey, PhD, explores the pandemic’s mental health effects on people with IDD, and how a trauma-informed care approach can be used to assist coping with COVID-19.

Presented by:
Karyn Harvey, PhD, The Park Avenue Group

November 4, 2021

3:00 pm EST

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Webinar: Specialized Telemedicine for People with IDD- Beyond COVID

Webinar registration is complimentary for members and  $10 for non-members


The COVID-19 crisis has presented an opportunity for medical providers to offer quality care for patients in their home settings using telehealth. This change has proven exceptionally helpful for treating individuals with IDD, who often find the emergency room, urgent care, or doctor's office disorienting and frightening. In this webinar, Dr. Craig Escude and Dr. Maulik Trivedi examine how specialized telemedicine brings high-quality medical services to vulnerable populations, improving access to healthcare, aiding care coordination, and reducing the overall cost of care.

Presented by:
Craig Escudé, MD, IntellectAbility
Maulik M. Trivedi, MD, StationMD

December 14, 2021

2:00 pm EST

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Webinar: Impact of Different Pairings of Respondents on Scores on the Supports Intensity Scale

Webinar registration is complimentary for members and  $10 for non-members


The Supports Intensity Scale - Adult Version (SIS-A) has been widely used to inform person-centered supports planning and individualized resource allocation practices across the nation.
We examined the impact of respondent-level factors, such as the number of respondents and the inclusion of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities on scores on the SIS-A. The secondary analysis indicated that having fewer respondents led to a greater variability in SIS-A scores whereas having more respondents led to higher mean scores. In the webinar, we will share findings and implications for future research directions and practices.

Mayumi Hagiwara, PhD
Graham G. Rifenbark, PhD
Karrie A. Shogren, PhD
James R. Thompson, PhD