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Webinars are available at no cost to attendees. Please note, we do not offer CEs for attending our complimentary webinars. 
Webinars are recorded the archive is generally available on the website the following day.

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July 8, 2020

4:00pm EST
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Key User Interface Design Features of Social Media Apps and their Impact on Usability for People with Disabilities
This is an AAIDD webinar

Cathy Bodine, PhD, CCC-SLP, University of Colorado - Denver
Morris Huang, PhD, University of Colorado - Denver
Greg McGrew, MEBME, University of Colorado - Denver

Social media use has demonstrated increased mental well-being and social capital for people with disabilities.  However, usability issues with social media user interfaces (UIs) can often be barriers that deter participation of people with disabilities.  In this study, we applied usability testing to investigate the usability of five social media apps (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, and Tumblr) for people with disabilities, with the goal of identifying key UI features that facilitate/impede user performance and experience.

July 15, 2020 

4:00pm EST 
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Writing for Publication 
This is an AAIDD webinar

LaRon Scott, EdD, BCSE, Virginia Commonwealth University  
Frank Symons, PhD, FAAIDD, University of Minnesota  
Colleen Thoma, PhD, Viginia Commonwealth University  
Jim Thompson, PhD, University of Kansas  

The session addresses what professionals in the field need to know about how to be published in a scholarly journal: the elements of a research report needed for journal publication; the types of research and other articles published by the three AAIDD journals; how to determine which journal is the best fit for your work; and the policies and processes involved in publication in scholarly journals in both print and electronic formats. This session will be relevant to the practice of social workers and psychologists who work with people with IDD and their families. 

July 22, 2020 

4:00pm EST 
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Dignity and Belonging in a Digitally Connected World
This is an AAIDD webinar

Jutta Treviranus, PhD, Ontario College of Art and Design University

The pandemic has significantly disrupted the “normal” state of our society. It has revealed the fault lines in our social systems and our conventional worldview. People with cognitive challenges have been among the most vulnerable to the negative consequences that also hurt our society as a whole. This disruption also presents an opportunity to change the collective mindset and find a more inclusive “normal”. This webinar will explore the opportunities presented to recalibrate our values, change our approaches to design, policy, education, work and how we build communities. 

August 18, 2020 

4:00pm EST 
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Developing a Research Line of Inquiry 
This is an AAIDD webinar. 

Alice Bacherini, MA, University of Perugia (Italy)
Allison D'Aguilar, PhD, Virginia Commonwealth University
Jacqueline McGinley, PhD, LMSW, Binghamton University
Richard Chapman, University of Kansas
The Research Colloquium goes online! This year’s Research Colloquium presenters will share a wide range of research inquiries, including Adaptive Behavior in Toddlers with Autism, the Health Communication Technology Needs, People with IDD in Community Residences, and Correlation between self-advocacy and self-determination. Please join us to learn their research findings and great work by the SECP members.