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*Beginning in January 2021, AAIDD webinars will go "behind the member wall." AAIDD members will continue to register and have access to the webinar archive at no cost; however, non-members will be charged a small fee ($10) to register for the live webinars. 

*Webinars are recorded; the archive is generally available on the website the following day. Beginning February 2021, the webinar archive will exclusively be a member benefit. 

*Participation in virtual professional development sessions are limited to AAIDD members.

*Continuing education units (CEs) are not offered for AAIDD webinars. Confirmations of attendance are sent to attendees of live webinars via email. If receiving a confirmation of attendance is important to you we recommend you join by computer as Zoom doesn't always recognize attendees who join via phone. 

May 12, 2021

3:00 pm EST

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Maintaining Impactful Research during Disruptions: Lessons from the Pandemic

Registration is free for members, $10 for non-members

•Jacqueline McGinley, PhD, LMSW, Binghamton University
•Lieke van Heumen, PhD, University of Illinois at Chicago
•Sara Miller, LCPC, ATCS, University of Illinois at Chicago


The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted innumerable aspects of daily life. For many researchers, data collection was delayed or prematurely ended; data analysis became more challenging; and, dissemination slowed as travel was halted and competing demands rose. These challenges were often more pronounced for researchers in the field of intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD), who rightfully prioritized the safety of people with IDD and regularly contended with restrictive state/local policies. Yet, impactful research remained possible throughout the pandemic.

In this webinar, we will describe lessons learned and best practices for pursuing a meaningful research agenda during periods of disruption. We will share examples from specific research projects, from content analyses that were conducted entirely remotely to inclusive research projects with people who have IDD that transitioned to an online context. The purpose of this webinar is to empower researchers to think creatively about maintaining their lines of inquiry in the face of external challenges.

By the end of this webinar, participants will be able to:
1. Reflect upon lessons learned from those who continued primary and secondary research throughout the pandemic;
2. Identify best practices for maintaining an impactful line of inquiry despite disruptions, from conceptualization through data collection and analysis and onto dissemination.
3. Recognize opportunities for pivoting or modifying their own research agendas when faced with external challenges.

May 19, 2021

3:00 pm EST

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Mentorship in a Minute: From Practitioner to Professor

AAIDD members only:
Registration is at no cost is on a first come, first served basis for members.

Host:  Anthony M. Rodriguez, PhD, FAAIDD, Providence College

Description: A discussion about how to cultivate and use the skills that transfer from DSP, Teaching, and field-level support for people with IDD to the three components of academic work.

May 26, 2021

3:00 pm EST

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Crucial Conversations: IEP Goals for Students with Complex Needs

AAIDD members only: Registration is at no cost is on a first come, first served basis for members.

Host:  Jennifer A. Kurth, PhD, University of Kansas Department of Special Education

Description: A discussion surrounding inclusive IEP goals for students with extensive support needs.