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Copyrights and Permissions

AAIDD's printed, electronic, and audiovisual materials may not be republished, reprinted, or distributed without written permission or contractual agreement with AAIDD.

Requests for Permissions: AAIDD will grant permission to use copyrighted material from AAIDD journals, books, and audiovisual materials. Include in your written request for permission the publication title and the chapter or article title(s) that you are interested in; volume, issue, and page numbers; copyright year; the purpose of the requested use; number of photocopies you plan to make; the name and address of your publisher if you intend to publish.

Please contact the Copyright Clearance Center to obtain permissions for business or academic use:

Copyright Clearance Center
Phone: 978-750-8400
Fax: 978-646-8600

Fair Use: In accordance with industry standards, authors may use excerpts from AAIDD books of up to 300 words, except for figures or tables, without requesting formal permission or paying fees. Full attribution is expected. Tables and figures may not be reprinted without written permission.

In accordance with the Fair Use Section of the Copyright Act of 1976, AAIDD will grant permission to photocopy articles or abstracts from AAIDD journals for one-time use for the purpose of research, scholarship, training, professional development, and education without payment of a fee. This provision includes one-time use of multiple copies in classrooms, agencies, or for distribution at a seminar.

Republishing: AAIDD frequently receives requests to republish articles from its journals in formal books. AAIDD generally will grant permission, contingent on agreement from the author and payment of a fee. If the author does not agree to having the article republished in a book, AAIDD will not grant permission.

Reprinting: Contracts with copy houses permit copying without prior consent from journal articles only. Permissions for reprinting any portion of an AAIDD book must be requested on an individual basis.

For questions or concerns pertaining to your copyright clearance request, please contact Zach Gordon at