Supports Intensity Scale®

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Supports Intensity Scale® 

AAIDD is the publisher, copyright holder, and sole owner of the suite of SIS tools, which includes the following:

  • SIS-A Annual Review Protocol (2018)

  • Person-Centered Planning With the Supports Intensity Scale -- Adult Version™ (2017)

  • Supports Intensity Scale - Children's Version™ (SIS-C)™ (2016)

  • Supports Intensity Scale - Adult Version™ (SIS-A)™ (2015)

  • Supports Intensity Scale® (SIS)®(2004)

The suite of SIS tools also includes all associated interview scoring forms, user’s guides, training manuals and materials, and associated electronic software platforms, most notably SISOnline and SISVenture.


Supports Intensity Scale - Adult Version™
(SIS-A)™ (2015)

The SIS-A is a standardized assessment tool designed to measure the pattern and intensity of supports that a person aged 16 years and older with intellectual disability requires to be successful in community settings.


  • Normed with over 1,300 culturally diverse people with intellectual and developmental disabilities
  • Normed with individuals aged 16 to 72
  • Normed in 33 states and two Canadian provinces
  • Psychometric properties are documented in peer reviewed journals around the world


The usefulness of the SIS-A, according to families and other respondents.


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What the SIS-A Does

The SIS-A evaluates practical support requirements of a person with an intellectual disability through a positive and thorough interview process. Read more.

Have you considered SIS-A for transition planning for students?

The SIS-A has all the domains required to successfully identify post-secondary support needs of a student with intellectual disability, mandated by the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA). 

FAQs about SIS-A

From seeking sample interview forms to questions on conducting a pilot program, here's what your colleagues are asking about the Supports Intensity Scale.