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SIS-A 2nd Edition



 SIS-A, 2nd Ed.  Released in January 2023

The Supports Intensity Scale - Adult Version® (SIS-A®) was first published as the Supports Intensity Scale (SIS) in 2004 and was re-named the SIS-A (first edition) in 2015. The second edition of the SIS-A was released in January 2023 and includes updated norms as well as several enhancements.

SIS-A Uses

The SIS-A has played an important role in accurately identifying and measuring the intensity of supports that people with IDD need. Information gathered from the SIS-A contributes to the development of high-quality person-centered plans to help people achieve positive outcomes. SIS-A information is also used by providers and governmental entities to help understand the needs of the population they support and to more equitably allocate resources.

Second Edition Timeline

Users can expect that the change will take place over a couple of years. With the release of the second edition of the SIS-A in January 2023, AAIDD will support both the first and second editions of the SIS-A for about 18 months to help users transition at their own pace. The first edition of the SIS-A will be retired sometime in the middle of 2024.

AAIDD will assist, on a case by case basis, current customers who require a modified timeline for transitioning to the second edition. To inquire about this possibility, contact us.


Video Introducing the SIS-A, 2nd Edition

Dr. James Thompson, lead author of the SIS-A

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