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  • trauma and healing cvrsprd 1st

    Trauma and Healing in the Lives of People With Intell...

    This book is written for a range of professionals who support people with intellectual disability (ID) who have had single or multiple traumatic experiences, including loss, rejection, abuse, and endangerment. 

    This book provides insights on how people with ID may express trauma and includes strategies for use by the professionals who work with them. It also includes professional development materials for direct support staff and resources for therapists to use in group and individual therapies. 
    Year : 2023
    Author : Karyn Harvey


    • 3rd edition all 3 cover images

      Positive Behavior Support Training Curriculum, 3rd Ed.

      The Positive Behavior Support Training Curriculum (PBSTC) teaches direct support staff and supervisors the principles of positive behavior support to address challenging behavior and enhance quality of life. This curriculum, now in its 3rd edition, has been successfully implemented across the country and abroad.  

      The PBSTC contains strategies that create a respectful client-staff environment. The curriculum consists of 25 training modules, 9 of which are designed for supervisors only. Each module addresses a key set of skills in positive behavior support, and includes a  Summary Sheet, Presentation Outline, Activity Sheets, and Skill Checks. The curriculum is competency-based:

      • trainees will demonstrate their mastery of positive behavioral support skills at the completion of each module through quizzes, role plays, and other activities
      • trainees will be observed to demonstrate their mastery of applying new skills in their routine work setting
      • the supervisors' modules train supervisors to be more effective managers.

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      Positive Behavior Support Training Curriculum Trainee Resource Guide (3rd Ed.)

      Customized train-the-trainer and direct support staff training workshops are available from author Dennis H. Reid

      Year : 2015
      Author : Dennis H. Reid, Marsha B. Parsons, and David A. Rotholz


      • 3rd edition resource guide front cover

        Trainee Resource Guide, Positive Behavior Support Tra...

        The Positive Behavior Support Curriculum Trainee Resource Guide, 3rd Ed. summarizes 25 modules taught in the Positive Behavior Support Training Curriculum.

        Meant for trainee note-taking and reference, it is available separately so that a copy for each trainee can be purchased.

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        See the Positive Behavior Support Training Curriculum (3rd Edition)

        Year : 2015
        Author : Dennis H. Reid, Marsha B. Parsons, and David A. Rotholz


        • Trauma-Informed Behavioral Interventions: What Works ...

          Trauma-Informed Behavioral Interventions: What Works and What Doesn't outlines the ways in which some individuals with IDD may have been harmed by a failure to consider problem behaviors as trauma responses that cannot be modified through the application of consequences.

          With numerous case studies, the author describes exploring past traumas and successful strategies for stabilization, prevention, and intervention. This book provides insights on  how to support people who have experienced large and small-scale traumas. She provides examples of "mental health plans" and illustrates how the plans should be written to ensure optimal implementation.

          This book gives the professionals and paraprofessionals a trauma-informed paradigm within which to support people with IDD and to establish the critical elements needed for their recovery from trauma.

          You may purchase the e-book version of Trauma-Informed Behavioral Interventions by clicking here
          Year : 2012
          Author : Karyn Harvey


          • Trauma-Informed Behavioral Interventions: What Works ...

            epubThis is an e-book version of 

            Trauma-Informed Behavioral Interventions. 

            Click here for information about this book. 
            See our E Reader Tips for successful downloading.

            Year : 2012
            Author : Karyn Harvey


            • Designing Positive Behavior Support Plans, 2nd Ed.

              Designing Positive Behavior Support Plans, 2nd Ed. is a concise and easy-to-read book for school teams, providers, students, and parents to understand, design, and evaluate positive behavior support (PBS) plans for students with developmental disabilities.

              The book also includes a comprehensive case study, two sample support plans, a progress evaluation summary, and frequently asked questions.

              The book uses a user-friendly format with examples, tips, forms, and checklists to help:

              • Proactively approach problem behavior.
              • Use functional behavioral assessments to design individualized PBS plans for children.
              • Illustrate a) prevention through antecedent and setting event modifications; b) teaching alternate skills; c) designing consequence interventions; and d) creating long-term supports.

              By implementing these empirical strategies, professionals and parents can reduce the occurrence of problem behaviors and enhance the quality of life of a child with a developmental disability.

              Year : 2009
              Author : Linda M. Bambara and Timothy P. Knoster