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What is SISOnline?

The SISOnline is the AAIDD web-based platform designed to support administering, scoring, storing and retrieving data, and generating reports for the SIS-A®, SIS-C®, and the AAIDD's suite of other SIS® products.

The SISOnline is an advanced web application accessed through a standard web browser. Assessment data for each of the suite of SIS product can be entered, stored, and used to generate a variety of reports and statistics

The SISVenture is a data entry module for laptops for interviewers to temporarily store interview data for later upload into SISOnline. Interviewers record data when the assessment is conducted in areas where internet access is unreliable. Temporarily stored data can be uploaded into SISOnline when internet access is available.
SISOnline is Easy to Use

Login from anywhere in the world to enter assessment data. Generate reports in seconds. Results are always accessible online for quick and convenient reference.

Customize and Integrate

The SISOnline can be integrated with your existing IT systems and can be customized to collect and store additional data elements collected during the interview.

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