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What is SISOnline

SISOnline is the AAIDD web-based platform designed to support administering, scoring, and retrieving data and generating reports for the suite of Supports Intensity Scale® (SIS) products. Through a CD or downloadable software product, users can collect data while offline for later secure upload. The platform has the capacity to support a large number of users and maintain a very large number of records. On this platform, unique data entry, storage, and retrieval portals are available for each of the Supports Intensity Scale® (SIS®) suite of tools, including the Supports Intensity Scale-Adult Version™ (SIS-A™) and Supports Intensity Scale-Children's Version™  (SIS-C™)  assessment tools. 


Using SISOnline

 Login from anywhere in the world to enter assessment data. Within seconds of completing the assessment, the system provides a report in Adobe PDF or HTML format, with information on raw scores, standard scores, a percentile ranking, and a graphic plot of the areas assessed by the relevant tool.  Results are always accessible online for quick and convenient reference.

The results from all users, or any subset, can be analyzed for multiple reasons, including supports planning, quality assurance, resource allocation or systems planning. Results can be combined with other tools or questions and can be incorporated into existing data systems for multiple purposes. SISOnline can also be customized in a number of ways to meet your needs.

SISOnline Features

  • Based on latest technology standards and universally accessible through password protected site.
  • Intuitive system with online screens that replicate paper version of SIS.
  • Drop down menus and mouse over descriptions of each item facilitate easy of use.
  • Assessment results calculated within seconds and stored in historical database.
  • Instant access to comprehensive, 4-page reports in PDF or HTML formats.
  • Stores data on optional questions on respondent in addition to items scored by SIS.
  • Help and Q& A features serve as reference and troubleshooting aids.
  • Password protected site that allows for administrative and user levels of access.
  • System and data backed up every 24 hours. All data stored on highly secure servers featuring dual firewalls and encrypted data transmission.
  • Fully compliant with the U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA)
  • Updated Features and Enhancements to SISOnline  

SISOnline Benefits

  • Fast, convenient, and easy access to assessments stored in centralized location.
  • Access to valuable, historical database of key assessment information on each client.
  • Personalize SIS to each person by asking optional questions in addition to 85 items ranked by Scale.
  • Run aggregate reports across your organization or state’s user database and get a global snapshot of support and service trends.
  • Share information between multiple users and streamline data gathering and business operation.
  • Eliminates lost assessments and time taken to deliver assessments to other parties.
  • Minimizes system software maintenance costs.
  • Data backup available if personal computers fail.
  • 24-hour/7-day system support and daytime hotline help for technical and content questions.
  • Capable of being integrated into existing legacy systems with customized look and feel.
  • Onsite staff training delivered by AAIDD-certified trainers.

Making Data Work for You

Whether reporting outcomes, applying for grants, allocating resources or assessing quality of life, getting access to aggregate data as well as individual assessments over an extended period of time is valuable, versatile information. SISOnline provides instant access to current, timely, and accurate information you need for research and planning purposes. Read more>

Additional Information

SISOnline was developed for large user groups and can be fully integrated into existing legacy systems of states, counties, or large organizations. The system is also available on a subscription basis to smaller organizations and individual users.

SISOnline, the platform for the SIS, SIS-A, and SIS-C suite of Support Intensity Scale tools, is physically hosted by A.J. Boggs & Company which owns, operates, and maintains the servers and data storage for SISOnline. A.J. Boggs is a broadband network and switching infrastructure company that enables modern and efficient deployment of a variety of voice, video and data service. The physical location provides 24 hour physical security, camera monitoring, power conditioning, and backup generators.  Remote disaster recovery and offsite backup is provided in a separate location. 



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