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SIS Assessment Services



AAIDD SIS Assessment Services


AAIDD seeks to build the capacity of states, jurisdictions, and providers to conduct Supports Intensity Scale® (SIS®) interviews; however, AAIDD will provide assessment services on a short-term basis to help customers successfully implement their SIS program. 


Short Term Assistance

AAIDD can provide trained, reliable and experienced SIS interviewers to entities seeking short-term help in conducting SIS assessments. AAIDD may also help with logistics of interview arrangements and will provide a final report to the after completion of the project.

Pilot Projects

Before implementing large-scale systems change efforts, entities may engage in a pilot project. Pilot projects can provide several advantages:

  • Collecting reliable data on representative sample of service recipients can enhance overall understanding of the population's needs as a group.
  • Honing communication strategies with stakeholders to enhance roll out of important implementation information in the future.
  • Testing the utility of any customizations  to the SISOnline system.
  • Testing the integration capacity with existing IT systems.
  • Building local capacity to deliver SIS assessments during the pilot phase.

AAIDD can assist entities define and achieve their pilot goals by providing:

  • Reliable, experienced AAIDD interviewers to conduct SIS assessments.
  • Reliable, experienced AAIDD SIS trainers to administer interviewer reliability tests to ensure the reliability of assessment data.
  • A project lead trainer for overall project administration to include technical assistance and supports, logistical coordination and management for the duration of the pilot project.
  • Assistance to the entity in its communication with stakeholders on the philosophy and value-base of SIS, goals of the project, roles and responsibilities of the respondents, and to address common stakeholders concerns.
  • Information and problem-solving over the course of the pilot
  • Reports on key assessment data and important issues/trends that emerge during the pilot project.
  • Training to optimize pilot outcome and system-wide implementation.
  • Supervision of schedulers to maximize interviewer availability and scheduling outcomes.

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