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Presidential Addresses


Presidential Addresses


The President of the Board of Directors delivers an address to the membership at the AAIDD Annual Meeting and Conference. The address is published in Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and posted to this page.

Conference Plenary Session



James R. Thompson, PhD, FAAIDD

President, 2013-2014

Marc J. Tassé, PhD, FAAIDD

President, 2012-2013

Sharon Gomez, FAAIDD

President, 2011-2012

Michael Wehmeyer, PhD, FAAIDD

President, 2010-2011

Joanna Pierson, PhD, FAAIDD

President, 2009-2010

Steven M. Eidelman, MSW, FAAIDD

President, 2008-2009

(Did not present address)

David Rotholz, PhD, FAAIDD

President, 2007-2008

Henry Bersani, PhD, FAAIDD

President, 2006-2007

Valerie J. Bradley, MA, FAAIDD

President, 2005-2006

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