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Fellow Evaluation Form


Evaluation and  Ratings Form 

Nominees for Fellow Status

The AAIDD Bylaws description of key qualities characterizing Fellows implicitly defines the categories of contributions that merit this recognition, and truly outstanding accomplishments within even a single identified area should be sufficient for positive action. The process of evaluating candidates for Fellow status is: 

Step 1. 
Determination of eligibility for consideration.
(a) Seven years or more of continuous active membership?  
Yes _____     No_____
(b) Significant contributions to the professional or business affairs of AAIDD? 
Yes _____     No_____

Step 2.
 Determination of merit. 

If a candidate is deemed eligible through Step 1, the merit of his or her contributions to the field of intellectual and developmental disabilities should be evaluated with respect to the following categories through the application and letters of reference.

Evaluation Criteria

Each element is rated on a 5 point scale in which 0=insignificant, 3=significant, 5=outstanding 

Evaluation Criteria 



1. Program development, administration, and improvement of services.


2. Skillful and diligent advocacy.


3. Academic contributions through teaching, research, publications, and presentations. 


Step III: Recommendation

Recommendation of a candidate for fellow is ultimately a qualitative judgment that reflects the committee's appraisal that an individual's contributions to the field have been exceptional.  However, as a guideline, to receive a positive recommendation to the Board of Directors, candidates for Fellow Status should receive committee aggregate mean as follows:

  • A mean for the highest rated single category equal or greater than 4.5 and
  • A mean total for the three categories equal to or greater than 3.5. 

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