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AAIDD Policy on Meeting Conduct


AAIDD's formal policy on meeting conduct is presented along with a plain text summary of the policy.


AAIDD Policy on Meeting Conduct


The AAIDD is committed to its work-related activities (conferences, board meetings, business meetings, business-related social events, etc.) being conducted in environments in which all individuals are treated with respect and dignity. The Association prohibits unlawful discriminatory practices, including but not limited to discriminatory harassment, sexual harassment, threats, abuse, and sustained disruption of events. 


If a participant of an AAIDD event, as a member, speaker, registrant, vendor, volunteer, guest, or other participant, engages in prohibited behavior, the Association reserves the right to take any action it deems appropriate.  AAIDD reserves the right to:

  • Remove an individual from any AAIDD activity without warning or refund;
  • Prohibit an individual from participating in future AAIDD activities, including publishing in AAIDD publications;
  • Exclude an individual from AAIDD leadership positions;
  • Exclude any individual from deriving other benefits from AAIDD activities;
  • Suspend or terminate membership in AAIDD.


Such sanctions may be applied regardless of whether or not the offender is a member of AAIDD.

Appropriate sanctions also will be taken toward any individual who knowingly makes a false allegation of harassment.


This policy against harassment at AAIDD Activities is not intended to limit open discussion of the merits of particular work or issues presented at AAIDD events. It applies only to behavior at AAIDD events and activities.


AAIDD assumes no liability or responsibility for the actions of any member or other activity participant and AAIDD is not responsible for protecting the safety of members or participants in AAIDD activities.


AAIDD Meeting Rules

AAIDD wants to everyone to be treated with respect and dignity.

Behavior that is illegal is not allowed. Behavior that is harmful to others is not allowed. Interrupting the meeting for a long time is also not allowed. These behaviors are against the rules.

There will be serious consequences for rule breakers. Rule breakers may be removed from the meeting.

The rules apply to everyone. People are allowed to disagree with each other. When people disagree they must treat each other with respect and dignity.

AAIDD not responsible for the actions of rule breakers. The rule breakers are responsible for their own actions.

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