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AAIDD Promotes Progressive Public Policies

AAIDD shares the most current and cutting edge evidence-based information to inform public policy.

  • AAIDD members and staff serve on national advisory committees, provide technical assistance to support national initiatives, and provide input to federal agencies whose programs impact the lives of people with disabilities and their families.
  • AAIDD works with other disability organizations to educate policy makers on the impact laws and regulations can have on people with IDD.
  • AAIDD sponsors and co-sponsors conferences and webinars focusing on national issues that affect the lives of people with IDD.
  • AAIDD provides authoritative scholarly and clinical information to justices in cases important to people with IDD.
  • AAIDD increases awareness of best practices and policies among those outside the field through its editorials, interviews, and press releases.
  • AAIDD communicates its vision for a fully inclusive society with its position statements.
  • AAIDD members and staff routinely speak at events organized by others to raise awareness of important public policy issues.

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