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AAIDD SIS Training Programs


AAIDD offers several types of Supports Intensity Scale® (SIS®) training to our customers based on their specific stage of implementation.

A general progression from the initial steps of the initial to the more advanced and  follow-up types of training are:

  • SIS Stakeholder Training/Respondent Orientation
  • SIS Train-the-Interviewer training
  • SIS Train-the-Trainer training
  • SIS Quality Assurance training

Stakeholder Training/Respondent Orientation

This training is an intensive and interactive 1-day group session designed to provide an in-depth overview of the AAIDD SIS and can be offered to the general public including respondents and stakeholders.

Most agencies start their implementation process with an orientation session to engage and inform the public, including stakeholders and administrative staff, as well as to train potential SIS assessors. This training includes: 

  • Philosophical framework of SIS 
  • Instrument design, including item selection, validity, and reliability 
  • Item analysis 
  • Scoring process 
  • Interview strategies 
  • Data use and management. 
  • The opportunity to observe and conduct a live interview as part of a group

Quality Assurance

Individuals who complete the Train the Trainer training must complete an annual quality assurance training to ensure that they continue to meet AADD's SIS quality standards and follow best practices. At minimum, the Quality Assurance training is a refresher of all previously completed training, but can be expanded to cover additional topics such as long-term strategic planning and strengthening the agency's quality performance by the s team of SIS assessors and trainers. The length of the training is determined by the agency’s specific training needs.  

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