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Ethical Issues in Developmental Disability Research

  • Dates: 19 Apr, 2012

Date: April 19, 2012

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Researchers conducting research with persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities encounter a variety of ethical challenges. These ethical challenges intersect with US federal law that governs the rules and regulations of human subjects research and local review of research through Institutional Review Boards (IRBs).  IRBs seek to ensure that research participants’ rights and well-being are protected; guiding principles that are shared throughout the world.  Since individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities may experience greater vulnerability, researchers need to consider contextually-relevant factors (e.g., consent capacity, risk/benefit ratios) to meet the goals of ethical research. These ethical issues are complex for even the most experienced researchers and IRB members. 

In this webinar, Dr. Katherine (Katie) McDonald, Assistant Professor of Public Health, Food Studies and Nutrition in the Falk College of Sport and Human Dynamics and a Faculty Fellow at the Burton Blatt Institute at Syracuse University, and Dora Raymaker, MS, co-director of the Academic Autistic Spectrum Partnership in Research and Education (AASPIRE) discuss the core principles and practices governing IRB review,  ethical issues in research with individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities, and ideas on how researchers can incorporate disability rights principles into their research with this population.

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This webinar was sponsored by AAIDD's Student and Early Career Professionals Special Interest Group