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Theme: Setting New Norms for Integrated & Competitive Employment: Challenges, Opportunities, Strategies

The 147th AAIDD Annual Meeting will provide a forum for researchers, practitioners, policymakers, students and early career professionals, and advocates to come together to tackle challenges, explore opportunities, and discuss strategies related to integrated and competitive employment for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). It is an event where we can set new norms for promoting employment and other quality of life outcomes in the face of the complex challenges of the 21st century, including the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. Integrated and competitive employment is one of the cornerstones for advancing equity and inclusion. Achieving quality employment outcomes will require systemic reforms, tiered systems of support and services, interagency collaborations, and the recognition of post-pandemic changes in the workforce and workplace.

The conference will:

  • Include plenary sessions focused on identifying systems of support, interagency collaborations and other effective strategies in research, policy, and practice, to identify new and innovative ways to promote integrated and competitive employment.
  • Feature panel presentations, poster presentations, poster symposia, and networking opportunities for conference participants to learn from one another with a focus on integrated and competitive employment.  
  • Showcase research, policy, and practice briefs – and opportunity for short and informative updates on the latest from our field advancing integrated and competitive employment.
  • Include pre- and post-conference workshops addressing topics in greater depth and across the life course.

AAIDD members have been leaders in producing cutting edge and ground-breaking research, practice, and policy in the field of IDD for over a century, but we are at a critical juncture and need new norms for integrated and competitive employment. We need to devote our research, policy, and practice in the next century to promoting employment and other quality of life outcomes. AAIDD’s role as the leading interdisciplinary professional organization in the field provides a context to engage in cutting-edge research, effective practices, and policy initiatives that set new norms for addressing challenges and develop strategies that support people with IDD in integrated and competitive employment. 

Submission Deadline: November 28, 2022 at midnight

Dan Zhang, PhD, FAAIDD
Chair, 2023 Conference Planning Committee

Proposal Formats

Individual Paper Presentation: Individuals or small groups of authors are encouraged to submit proposals for paper presentation whose content could be conveyed in 20-30 minutes (including question period). Among the paper presentation proposals accepted for inclusion in the program, AAIDD will group 3 paper presentations that are on a common topic or theme into one 90-minute concurrent session. 
AAIDD will assign a moderator to the paper presentations that will be combined into a concurrent session.

Full Panel Presentation: Small groups of authors are encouraged to submit 3 distinct but thematically linked presentation proposals of 30 minutes each (including question period). Panel presentations will be reviewed as a group presentation. AAIDD will assign a moderator to each concurrent session.

Research/Policy/Practice Briefs: It's an opportunity for short and informative updates on the latest from our field.  These sessions consist of PowerPoint presentations by approximately 12-15 speakers.  Each presentation accepted for this format will have about 5-7 minutes of presentation time, and, after all speakers have made their presentations, general discussion time is allotted.  Speakers will be limited to 3-5 slides. 

Poster Presentation: Individuals or groups of authors are encouraged to submit proposals for interactive poster presentations in which they can to discuss their work with conference participants. Poster proposals will also be peer-reviewed.

Poster Symposium: is a hybrid of poster and panel presentation style.  Each symposium consist of an average of 10-12 posters where they have the opportunity to do a 5 minute verbal presentation about their posters.

Scoring Rubric for Proposals

Abstracts are limited to 600 total words submitted in four fields as described below. While the system will allow a word or two over this limit, it will not accept notably longer abstracts.

The four sections of the 600-word abstract are:

  1. Background & Purpose/Aims (150 words)
  2. Description/Design
    (250 words)
  3. Outcomes/Findings
    (100 words)
  4. Implications & Impact
    (100 words)
To help you understand our revised submission and evaluation criteria, we recommend you see the following resources:



How to Submit:

All proposals will be peer-reviewed and authors will be notified of the decision on their submission in mid-February 2023. 

Submission Deadline: November 28, 2022

Online Submission Portal is now Open!

see below for more information
Deadline: November 28, 2022

Annual Conference