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2021 AAIDD Call for Papers

Theme: Addressing Workforce Challenges: Promising Trends in Policy, Practice, and Research 

About the Conference

We welcome all interested individuals to participate in the 145th Annual Conference of the American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (AAIDD) – the oldest and most prestigious professional organization for those in the disability field.     

The 145th AAIDD Annual Meeting will provide a lively forum for researchers, practitioners, policymakers, students, and advocates to learn about strategies and opportunities to respond to workforce challenges that have had an increased impact on people with IDD. 

In the next decade, shifting demographics will result in a significant decline in the number of workers in the US and globally.  While this will present challenges, it also provides opportunities.  We seek innovative, evidence-based proposals in the areas of research, policy and practice that explore emerging workforce trends.  Topics may encompass diversity/equity/inclusion in employment, the potential of technology to deliver services and supports while enhancing independence, public financing of supports, lessons learned during COVID 19, and proven strategies for attracting and retaining a talented workforce. 

    The conference will:

  • Include plenary sessions that address innovative strategies to adapt to the changing workforce demographics, while enhancing services to individuals with disabilities and families in their communities, featuring best practice from thought leaders both within and outside the human service arena.
  • Feature panel presentations, poster presentations, poster symposia, issue briefs, and networking opportunities for conference participants to learn from one another.
  • Integrate presentations on innovative and effective technologies that serve individuals with disabilities and families in their communities and the steps that must be taken to scale up technology-enabled supports while ensuring equitable access, promoting independence, and protecting rights.
  • Include a strong virtual component to the program, making this conference AAIDD’s first hybrid conference!

AAIDD members have been leaders at the cutting edge of ground-breaking research, practice, and policy in the field of intellectual and developmental disabilities for over a century. AAIDD continues to be the leading interdisciplinary professional organization in intellectual and developmental disabilities. The 145th annual meeting will continue this tradition by providing conference attendees with cutting edge information on research, effective practices, and policy initiatives that support individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families.

Proposal Formats

Individual Paper Presentation: Individuals or small groups of authors are encouraged to submit proposals for paper presentation whose content could be conveyed in 20-30 minutes (including question period). Among the paper presentation proposals accepted for inclusion in the program, AAIDD will group 3 paper presentations that are on a common topic or theme into one 90-minute concurrent session. AAIDD will assign a moderator to the paper presentations that will be combined into a concurrent session.

Full Panel Presentation: Small groups of authors are encouraged to submit 3 distinct but thematically linked presentation proposals of 30 minutes each (including question period). Panel presentations will be reviewed as a group presentation. AAIDD will assign a moderator to each concurrent session.

Research/Policy/Practice Briefs: It's an opportunity for short and informative updates on the latest from our field.  These sessions consist of PowerPoint presentations by approximately 12-15 speakers.  Each presentation accepted for this format will have about 5 minutes of presentation time, and, after all speakers have made their presentations, general discussion time is allotted.  Speakers will be limited to 3-5 slides.  AAIDD will assign a moderator to each brief session.

Poster Presentation: Individuals or groups of authors are encouraged to submit proposals for interactive poster presentations in which they can to discuss their work with conference participants. Poster proposals will also be peer-reviewed.

Poster Symposium: is a hybrid of poster and panel presentation style.  Each symposium consist of an average of 10-12 posters where they have the opportunity to do a 5 minute verbal presentation about their posters. AAIDD will assign a moderator to each Poster Symposium session.

How to Submit:

All proposals will be peer-reviewed and authors will be notified of the decision on their submission early February 2021. The expectation is that the lead author will communicate to the co-presenters on their proposal all relevant conference information. 

We're sorry, our submission portal is now closed. 

There might still be opportunities for poster presentations, If you're interested, please contact maria@aaidd.org