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Dan Davies
Daniel K. Davies, MA




Name:  Daniel K. Davies, MA

Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado

Member since: 2001

Employment: Founder and President, AbleLink Smart Living Technologies, LLC

Why did you join AAIDD?  I met Mike Wehmeyer while he was the national staff member responsible for technology-focused initiatives at the Arc of the United States in the mid to late 90’s.  Given our mutual interest in technology and the potential impact of cognitive technology on self-determination Mike brought AAIDD to my attention as a group organization to get connected with.  

Why did you choose the field of intellectual disability?  Like many in the IDD field, I am a family member as my oldest brother John lived with intellectual disability.  After working as a DSP at a service provider agency during graduate school, I worked in the aerospace field as a human factors engineer.  These life and work experiences coalesced to direct my focus on applying technology to try to improve the lives of individuals like my brother.

AAIDD leadership positions: Co-Chair/ Co-Founder of the Technology Special Interest Group with Dr. Michael Wehmeyer in 2002;  Chair of the Technology Interest Group from approximately 2008 - 2018

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