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Supports Intensity Scale

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AAIDD is the publisher, copyright holder, and sole owner of the suite of SIS tools, including the following:

  • Supports Intensity Scale - Adult Version®, Second Edition (SIS-A®, 2nd ed.) (2023)
  • Supports Intensity Scale - Adult Version® (SIS-A®) (2015)
  • Supports Intensity Scale - Children's Version® (SIS-C®) (2016)
  • Supports Intensity Scale - Adult Version®(SIS-A®): Annual Review Protocol (2018)
  • Person-Centered Planning With the Supports Intensity Scale - Adult Version®: A Guide for Planning Teams (2017)
  • Supports Intensity Scale® (SIS®) (2004) and all associated interview scoring forms; user’s guides; training curricula, manuals, and materials; and electronic software platforms, most notably SISOnline and SISVenture

SISOnline supports administering, scoring, and generating reports for AAIDD's suite of SIS products.

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Transition Planning with SIS-A

The SIS-A has all the domains necessary to identify student's post-secondary support needs as required by the IDEA.

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FAQs about SIS-A

From sample interview forms to conducting a pilot program, here's what your colleagues are asking about the Supports Intensity Scale.

Supports Intensity Scale - Adult Version® (SIS-A)®


The SIS-A is a standardized assessment tool designed to measure the pattern and intensity of supports that a person aged 16 years and older with intellectual disability requires to be successful in community settings.

SIS-A manual 2nd ed.
SIS-A manual

Supports Intensity Scale - Children's Version® (SIS-C®)


The SIS-C is a standardized assessment tool designed to measure the relative intensity of support needs of children with intellectual and developmental disabilities, between ages 5 to 16.

SIS-A manual

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