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[Spanish translation] SIS-C: 100 Formularios de entrevista

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    8.5 x 11
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    James R. Thompson, Michael L. Wehmeyer, Carolyn Hughes, Karrie A. Shogren, Hyojeong Seo, Todd D. Little, Robert L. Schalock, Rodney E. Realon, Susan R. Copeland, James R. Patton, Edward A. Polloway, Debbie Shelden, Shea Tanis, and Marc J. Tasse

SIS-C: 100 Formularios de entrevista

The Supports Intensity Scale-Children's Version® (SIS-C ®) Interview and Profile Form is translated into Spanish as it is used in the United States.

This product is a pack of 100 copies of the Spanish translation of the Interview and Profile Form for the SIS-C. The 12-page SIS-C Interview and Profile Form is used to assist interviewers collect data during the assessment.

This product requires specialized training.  See our Purchase Qualifications Policy.

International purchases of SIS-C products cannot be made online. International customers interested in purchasing SIS-C products need to contact Ajith Mathew at Do not place your order online.


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