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Positive Behavior Support Training Curriculum, 3rd Ed.

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    8.5 x 11
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    Boxed, loose-leaf curriculum, bound Trainee Resource Guide, and CD
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    Dennis H. Reid, Marsha B. Parsons, and David A. Rotholz
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The Positive Behavior Support Training Curriculum (PBSTC) teaches direct support staff and supervisors the principles of positive behavior support to address challenging behavior and enhance quality of life. This curriculum, now in its 3rd edition, has been successfully implemented across the country and abroad.  

The PBSTC contains strategies that create a respectful client-staff environment. The curriculum consists of 25 training modules, 9 of which are designed for supervisors only. Each module addresses a key set of skills in positive behavior support, and includes a  Summary Sheet, Presentation Outline, Activity Sheets, and Skill Checks. The curriculum is competency-based:

  • trainees will demonstrate their mastery of positive behavioral support skills at the completion of each module through quizzes, role plays, and other activities
  • trainees will be observed to demonstrate their mastery of applying new skills in their routine work setting
  • the supervisors' modules train supervisors to be more effective managers.

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