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Teaching Authentic Cooking Skills to Adults With Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities: Active Engagement

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    Janice Goldschmidt

Congratulations to Janice Goldschmidt, AAIDD best-selling author of Teaching Authentic Cooking Skills to Adults With Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities: Active Engagement.  As the author of this work, Ms. Goldschmidt was awarded the 2018 Excellence in Written Communication award from the Behavioral Health Nutrition Dietetics Practice Group of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. 

This remarkable book is a unique instructional tool with which direct support professionals and program directors can address two critical issues in working with adults with IDD: promoting healthy eating habits and teaching real-life skills that will develop greater independence and self-determination. Active Engagement is the program developed by the author and tested and proven through her years of teaching these skills successfully.

Traditionally, people with IDD are the passive recipients of meals prepared by others. But everyone, regardless of ability level, should be able to make choices concerning the food they eat and to learn to prepare food – or to actively participate in preparing food – for
themselves and others. Teaching these skills to adults with IDD requires a new instructional model, which this book provides.

Active Engagement is based on a framework of good nutritional principles and evidence-based instructional practices, including individualization, direct instruction, and experiential learning. This is not a cookbook, although there are a number of adaptive recipes embedded as examples throughout.

This book provides detailed information on the Active Engagement program and how to implement it, organized into the following topics:
    • Cooking as nutritional intervention
    • A teaching framework for cooking skills
    • Developing cooking instruction around the patterns of American consumption
    • Teaching basic skill sets with adaptive tools
    • A new approach to recipes
    • Appliances from the universal to the specialized
    • Exploring different contexts for the development of cooking skills
    • Supporting cooking skills with food skills

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