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Inclusion Call for Papers on Racial and Ethnic Equity for People with IDD

Inclusion Special Issue: Call for Papers Concerning Racial and Ethnic Equity for People with IDD

To be considered for this special issue, authors must submit a proposed title and abstract to Dr. LaRon Scott, journal co-editor, by September 1, 2020.

The Editors of Inclusion are seeking submissions for a special issue of the journal, to be published in September 2021. The focus of the special issue will concern racial and ethnic equity for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) in society. We seek empirical research that examines the intersection of race and ethnicity in academic, employment, community living, and other spaces that highlights the empirical gaps, interventions, and strategies that will promote the inclusion of racially and ethnically diverse populations with IDD. 

To be considered for this special issue, researchers should consider the following criteria:

a)     Must be empirical research focused on the topic area (e.g., conceptual papers and literature reviews will not be reviewed).

b)    Research exploring critical issues of race and ethnicity with considerations for social justice and environmental factors is highly desirable.

c)     Underrepresented scholars researching this area are encouraged to submit.

d)    The discussion section must include implications for future research, practice, and policy regarding equity for racially and ethnically diverse populations with IDD.

e)     The manuscript must follow all other author guidelines for publication in the journal (see author guidelines).

To be considered for this special issue, the lead author should provide the following information to Dr. LaRon Scott, co-editor of the journal and lead editor for this special issue by September 1, 2020 and include the following:

a)    The proposed title for the paper.

b)    Extended abstract (no more than 300 words) to include information about the population, theoretical framework, methodology, and implication for Inclusion audiences.

If accepted for consideration, the complete manuscript (see manuscript guidelines) must be submitted through the journal's online submission portal by December 15, 2020. 

Click to reach the manuscript submission portal for Inclusion.

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