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AAIDD Announces its New Online Journals Platform

May 28, 2020 [Silver Spring, MD]

AAIDD is pleased to announce that it has upgraded to a new online platform for its journals, AllenPress Meridian, and members will now be able to access the journals by logging into the AAIDD website.

Beginning today, members will access the journals online by signing into their AAIDD member account and visiting the journals page. To view the journals page and login, click here.

This new access route will assure that members have continuous and immediate access to AAIDD journals online, even after resetting their password for the AAIDD website.

Members can also arrange to receive an email notification when new issues of the journals are available online by visiting the new platform and subscribing for this benefit. (Due to anti-spam requirements, users will need to create a free AllenPress account to subscribe).

Should members have any issues with online access, please contact Member Services at

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