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AAIDD Best-Selling Author Receives Award

Washington, DC: October 23, 2018

Janice Goldschmidt, AAIDD Best-Selling Author, Receives National Award

Janice Goldschmidt, author of AAIDD’s new bestseller, Teaching Authentic Cooking Cooking Front CoverSkills to Adults With Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities: Active Engagement, was awarded the 2018 Excellence in Written Communication award from the Behavioral Health Nutrition Dietetics Practice Group (BHNDPG) of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Upon receiving the award at the 2018 Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo, Ms. Goldschmidt expressed her gratitude to the Academy and the BHNDPG for recognizing her in this manner and for the positive reception that the book, Teaching Authentic Cooking Skills, has received.

Published in June by AAIDD, Teaching Authentic Cooking Skills became an immediate best-seller. It is a unique instructional tool for addressing two critical issues: promoting healthy eating habits and teaching real-life skills to develop greater independence and self-determination. The author developed her program, Active Engagement, and tested and proved it through her years of teaching these skills successfully. In addition, the book is based on a framework of good nutritional principles and evidence-based instructional practices, including individualization, direct instruction, and experiential learning. For more information and to order a copy, click here.

AAIDD congratulates Ms. Goldschmidt on receiving this award and for her unique and valuable contribution to the disability and nutrition knowledge base.


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