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AAIDD Makes its Resources on Intersectionality Easier to Find

[Silver Spring, MD] June 25, 2020

AAIDD Makes its Resources on Intersectionality Easier to Find on its Website

Intersectionality is a framework for understanding how aspects of a person's multiple social and political identities might combine to create unique burdens and barriers. The concept of intersectionality is used to consider the interlocking systems of inequality and takes these relationships into account when working to promote social and political equity and inclusion.

AAIDD’s mission is to promote progressive policies, sound research, effective practices, and universal human rights for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). The evidence-based resources produced by AAIDD—including journal articles, webinars, and books—address issues that concern people with IDD, both at the population-level and at the intersection of the social and political identities of IDD, race and ethnicity, culture, gender and sexuality, poverty, legal standing, health and mental health, and disability identity.

While these resources can be found by searching the AAIDD journals, bookstore, webinar archives, or position pages,, AAIDD has committed to making its most recent intersectionality resources easier to locate on its website. 

The resources produced by the Association in just the past five years is substantial; for more resources, AAIDD journals dating back to 1997 (AJIDD and IDD) and 2013 (Inclusion) can be found online. AAIDD members have full text access for journal articles at no cost, non-members my access the abstracts at no cost.

Visit the AAIDD website for its resources at intersection of the social and political identities among people with IDD at




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