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Nominations for the AAIDD Board of Directors Opens

Nominations for the AAIDD Board of Directors are now being accepted for the following positions:

Vive President (4 year total term)

The Vice President serves as primary liaison between the professional entities of the association and the Board of Directors, and serves as a signatory on AAIDD financial accounts.  The Vice President serves for one year in each of the following roles: Vice President, President-Elect, President and Past President.  ALL candidates must be Fellows of the Association.


Member-at-Large (4 year term)

At-large board members have the following specific responsibilities: Attending all meetings of the board and committee(s) to which assigned, preparing for and actively participating in discussions at board and committee meetings, following through promptly on any assignments, and supporting committee recommendations before the full board. ALL candidates must be members of the Association.

Deadline for submitting nominations: October 10, 2017

You must be a member to make a nomination.  Individuals may nominate themselves or others.

Make your nomination Now!


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