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From the DSM-5 to the DM-ID-2

Contact Name:   Lindsey Polansky

Contact E Mail:

Date: February 14, 2017
Time: 4:00 p.m. EST

Content Overview:

Improved outcomes for individuals with IDD/MI depends upon effective psychiatric treatment, which requires an accurate psychiatric diagnosis. Obtaining that accurate diagnosis for individuals with IDD has been and remains very challenging. The DM-ID-2 was written to address this challenge. The DM-ID-2 provides state-of-the-art information concerning mental disorders in persons with IDD. Grounded in evidence based methods and supported by the expert-consensus model, DM-ID-2 offers a broad examination of the issues involved in applying diagnostic criteria for psychiatric disorders in persons with IDD. Dr. Robert Fletcher and Jarrett Barnhill will address the following:

• Purpose, structure and clinical value of the DM-ID-2
• Adapting DSM criteria for people with IDD
• Highlights of neurodevelopmental disorders
• Highlights of depressive disorders

Dr. Robert Fletcher, DSW, ACSW, NADD-CC
Jarrett Barnhill, MD, DLFAPA, FAACAP

This AAIDD webinar is being jointly sponsored with NADD. 





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