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Beginning February 2021, the webinar archive will exclusively be a member benefit. 

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Supporting the Sexual and Social Development of Individuals with Intellectual Disability

Date: March 12, 2014

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Sexual development is a natural part of the life course of any individual but can cause particular fear and misunderstanding among parents and staff of people with intellectual disability who often feel responsible for the development of knowledge and healthy attitudes in this area but do not always feel equipped with the proper tools to support meaningful education. This webinar is intended to provide useful information and tips for parents, caregivers, and staff on engaging people with intellectual disability around their social and sexual development. Marklyn P Champagne, RN, MSW will unravel some commonly held misconceptions, discuss best practices, and engage listeners in thinking about people with intellectual disability and conversations around sex and sexuality.

Target audience: support staff, direct care staff, parents, students, and intellectual disability professionals

Marklyn P Champagne, RN, MSW
Marklyn P. Champagne is a licensed clinical social worker and registered nurse with over 30 years of experience in the field. In addition to her private practice, she enjoys training parents, school personnel, professionals, support staff and individuals all aspects of relationships. She is the co-author of CIRCLES ©®, multi-media programs designed to teach social / sexual boundaries and other issues of sexuality to persons with I/DD.
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