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Aging Matters 2020: Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

Contact Name:   Lindsey Narron

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Aging Matters 2020: Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

This pre recorded webinar series focuses on aging issues, and it has been presented jointly by AAIDD CT, DDS, DORS CT State Unit on Aging, and the CT Coalition on Aging and Developmental Disabilities.

Aging Matters 2020 Session 1: Stay Connected
Session 1 focuses on Assistive Technology (AT). How do you identify the right AT match? What is the CT Tech Act Project? How can you use technology to stay connected and reduce isolation? What is The CARES Act “Stay Connected” initiative?

Aging Matters 2020 Session 2: Mindfulness
Mindfulness is often understood as clearing one's mind, or meditating alone; however, mindfulness is about attending to the present moment, on purpose, and without judgment. Learn how mindful practice can cultivate greater inner wisdom and choice in how to navigate the challenges of life. Geared for caregivers, this session will blend teaching and practice to offer participants a strong base for further exploration.

Aging Matters 2020 Session 3: Connecting to My Community
Resources, remote programming and options to stay connected with local community. What are some options for older adults without internet connection? How can you find resources through 211? What kinds of information are people searching for during the current pandemic crisis?


Aging Matters 2020 Session 4: You’ve Got The PowerPart 1: As people with disabilities continue to thrive as productive and fully integrated members of our neighborhoods, there is an increasing recognition that lesser restrictive fiduciary relationships are often most beneficial in supporting community integration. People expect and deserve to retain decision-making abilities within their own lives, to the greatest extent possible. This session discusses the concept of supported decision making and how it can help individuals retain autonomy and reflect the environments which most support retention of personal legal rights.

Part 2: This segment suggests how to best utilize telehealth in this current pandemic, how to use Assistive Technology to improve access to telehealth, and considerations when opting for telehealth medical care.



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