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COVID-19 and People with IDD: Taking Action to Mitigate Risk

Contact Name:   Lindsey Polansky

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Date: April 8, 2020
Time: 4:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. EST

COVID-19 and People with IDD: Taking Action to Mitigate Risk

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Content Overview:

COVID-19 is a world-changing event for all of us. For people with IDD, besides the impact to their health and wellness, there are real risks of losing supports and services both during the crisis and afterward. This webinar will focus two things: risks and risk mitigation. Dr. Craig Escudé, President of Health Risk Screening, Inc., will discuss the impact on health AND on the IDD support system. His discussion will include practical action steps that can be taken to help reduce the impact of these rapidly changing challenges.

Craig Escudé, MD, FAAFP, FAADM, Health Risk Screening, Inc. 

This webinar is jointly sponsored by AAIDD and Health Risk Screening, Inc. 

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