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AAIDD Online Learning: Ways to Support People with Autism Spectrum Disorder

AAIDD Online Learning Course:
Ways to Support People with Autism Spectrum Disorder

People diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) can have very different levels of functioning. Some people live independently and show few outward signs that they have any difficulty. Other people are more severely affected by this disorder. Support staff work with people at all different levels to improve their quality of life. People with ASD have difficulties with social communication and limited patterns of thought and behavior. While each person is different, these characteristic features of autism present some common challenges and opportunities for support staff. In this course you will learn more about what is going on with people who have ASD and how to help the person you support to be calmer more of the time and less frustrated. Most importantly, you will learn how to have fun together doing the things that you need to do.

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Cost: $15.00 (AAIDD Members Save 10%)
Credit/Contact Hours: 1.50

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