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AAIDD Online Learning: Understanding Dual Diagnosis: Intellectual Disability and Mental Health

  • Dates: 16 – 16 Jan, 2017
AAIDD Online Learning Course:
Understanding Dual Diagnosis: Intellectual Disability and Mental Health

In the past it was thought that people with intellectual disabilities could not have mental illnesses. As a result, people with disabilities were not evaluated or treated for mental health conditions. Today we know that people with intellectual disabilities can and do suffer from mental illnesses, yet the needs of many people in this population are still not well served. In this course, the term dual diagnosis refers specifically to people who have both an intellectual disability as well as a significant mental illness, such as depression, bipolar disorder, ADHD, or a personality disorder. People with a dual diagnosis face complex challenges and require a high level of support. This course is based on sections of the book, Intellectual Disability and Mental Health: A Training Manual in Dual Diagnosis by Sharon McGilvery and Darlene Sweetland (NADD, 2011). The goal of this course is to raise awareness about the issues surrounding dual diagnosis, to present some typical and atypical signs of mental illnesses that may arise in this population, and to highlight how your interactions with individuals—whatever your role may be—can contribute to better supports for individuals. 

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