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Member Spotlight 

Name: Miguel-Ángel Verdugo                      

Location: Salamanca, Spain

Member since: 1993

Employment: University of Salamanca, Spain, Professor of Psychology, and Director of the Institute on Community Integration Research Center.

Why did you join AAIDD? I always thought (and still think that) that was the best professional international association, mainly because of its relevant members through the last decades. I also appreciated the Journals and other publications, always innovating in the field.

Why did you choose the field of intellectual disability? I always had interest in helping people who need support. I think it is a matter of ethics; we should contribute to compensate deficiencies and limitations of rights of all people, and also helping families with members with disabilities.

AAIDD leadership positions: Member of “Terminology, Classification, and Systems of Supports Committee” (2005-2010), “T&C Implementation Committee for the 11th edition of Intellectual Disability: Definition, Classification, and Systems of Supports” (2010-), and “Member of the International Activities Committee of the AAMR” (1999-2002)

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