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Member Spotlight 

Name:  A. Michael Bloom

Location:  Massachusetts

Member since: 1997

Employment:  Principal at Bloom Coaching and Performance LLC, Inspiring Caregivers and the Organizations that Support Them with Coping Strategies that Energize Careers and Save Lives.

Why did you join AAIDD?  I joined AAIDD at the suggestion of two of my mentors as a young and enthusiastic professional administrator in a human services provider agency.  AAIDD quickly became my professional home as I collaborated with inspirational and knowledgeable colleagues from the state, regional, and national levels.  It has been a great privilege to create cutting edge forums, programs and services with the treasured friends from this dynamic organization.

Why did you choose the field of intellectual disability?  After completing a Master’s Degree in Psychology during the early 1990s recession and spending a great deal of time searching for a job, I was hired as a direct support professional in a group home for people with intellectual disabilities. It was a truly amazing and fulfilling experience as I learned so much from the people receiving support, their family members, and my co-workers.  I quickly became a sponge for information about the history of the field and worked diligently to promote full community inclusion for the people receiving supports.  This led to a journey of growth and development both personally and professionally so I never turned back and am filled with gratitude.

AAIDD leadership positions:  Immediate Past President Northeast Region X, Past President and Treasurer Massachusetts State Chapter, Member of Nominations and Elections Committee

MIchael Bloom

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