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giulia balboniMember Spotlight 

Name: Giulia Balboni, PhD, FAAIDD

Location: Perugia, Italy

Member since: 1999

Associate Professor of Psychometrics, University of Perugia, Italy

Why did you join AAIDD? 
I joined the AAIDD when I was a graduate student in Italy because a US Professor that I trusted encouraged me to do so. And he was right! During my first annual meeting I was welcomed by the future leaders of the AAIDD Ad Hoc Committee on Students and Young Professionals and introduced to several outstanding professionals and researchers in the field. Then, I have been involved in excellent research programs. AAIDD has certainly made the difference in my professional career.

Why did you choose the field of intellectual disability? 
Actually it was the field that chose me. Since the Seventies, students with intellectual disability have been integrated in regular classes in Italy and, when I was at the elementary school, one of my best class-mates was a girl with autism spectrum disorder. Then, when I was an undergraduate student researching  for my thesis I was introduced to the construct of adaptive behavior and to its measurement in the field of intellectual disability. I have been in the field ever since. I like the idea that my research studies could be useful to people who need supports.

AAIDD leadership positions:
Diagnostic Adaptive Behavior Scale Committee (2003-2015)
Annual Conference Student Scholarship Award Committee organized by The Student and Early Career Professional SIG (2014)
Annual Conference Planning Committee (2012-2013)
Annual Conference Best Poster Psychology Division Award Committee (2009) 
Task Force on the Diagnosis of Intellectual Disability (2009)

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