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Judith Gross photoMember Spotlight 

Name: Judith M.S. Gross, PhD 

Location: Bloomington, IN
Member since:  2006

Director of the Center on Community Living and Careers at the Indiana Institute on Disability and Community at Indiana University

Why did you join AAIDD? 
To become more connected to professionals, current policy and practice in the field as I pursued my doctorate in special education

Why did you choose the field of intellectual Disability?
In all honesty, I didn’t choose it. It kind of chose me. When pursuing my teaching degree, I thought I would be working with students with learning disabilities. However, when I started teaching in a cross-categorical classroom, I had students with a wide range of disabilities and support needs for whom I was responsible. As I pursued more education for how to better instruct my students with IDD and autism, I became the local “expert,” and that professional interest carried through as I pursued my doctorate. 

AAIDD leadership positions:
I spent several years working in various leadership positions in the Student and Early Career Special Interest Group on committees and as co-chair. I am also an AAIDD Fellow.



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