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Jim LemanowiczMember Spotlight 

Name: James A. Lemanowicz, BBA, FAAIDD

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Member since: 

Assistant Director of Research, Institute on Disabilities,
PA UCEDD, Temple University

Why did you join AAIDD?
I met so many people I admire who were AAIDD members that I wanted to be a part of it.

Why did you choose the field of intellectual disability?
I have an older brother who has an intellectual disability, so I was very familiar with and comfortable being around people with disabilities.  Choosing the field of intellectual disabilities was still somewhat fortuitous.  While an undergraduate, I was working part time at the university when another part time position became available for a little more money.  I took the job, which turned out to be at the newly created Pennsylvania UCEDD.  The people I worked with were so wonderful that I never left.  One of the guiding principles of the PA UCEDD has always been that “Everyone deserves the opportunity and support to lead a self-determined life in inclusive communities.”  Much of the work I have done over the years has been to make that a reality for people with disabilities.

AAIDD leadership positions:
Fellow, AAIDD and Chair, AAIDD Research Interest Network

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