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Steve Erickson
Steven Erickson, Pharm.D., FAAIDD












Name: Steven Erickson, Pharm.D., FAAIDD

Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan

Member since: 2014

Employment: Associate Professor, University of Michigan, College of Pharmacy

Why did you join AAIDD?   
While on sabbatical at the Michigan Developmental Disabilities Institute at Wayne State University, I learned of AAIDD from the institute’s director, Barbara LeRoy. She encouraged me to learn more about the organization and to attend a meeting.  I was looking for ways to increase my awareness of policy, practice, and research on issues important to persons with disabilities, particularly around health.  

Why did you choose the field of intellectual disability?   
I came to the field mid-career, after spending several decades as a pharmacist, educator and health outcomes researcher.  As our son Christopher, who has Down syndrome, aged into adulthood, I began to realize there was little information about the use of medications by persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  This was an opportunity to use my research and practice skills, as well as the relationships I developed with the community through advocacy work, to move an agenda forward to ensure the safe and effective use of medications by persons with disabilities.  

AAIDD leadership positions: 

  • Research Interest Network 2014 to present, Secretary 2022 to present
  • Health and Wellness Interest Network member 2014 to present

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